Anu Malik opens up about #MeToo Allegations, Sona Mohapatra replies outrageously

Singer-music composer Anu Malik had been accused with sexual harassment charges during the #MeToo movement last year. Leading songstresses like Neha Bhasin, Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit opened up about the sexual torture the Indian Idol judge had inflicted upon them.

A year later, Anu Kapoor finally addressed the #MeToo allegations against him in an open letter shared on his social media channels. The letter shared on Twitter talks about how his life turned upside down when the ladies accused him of false charges.

Anu Malik said that the whole fiasco affected his ‘only source of livelihood when he was thrown-away from the position of a judge on Indian Idol. While he waited for the truth to resurface, his intended silence had been mistaken as his weakness. He said that if the ladies were so traumatised with the incident why didn’t they talk about it earlier.

It was only after he made a comeback on Sony TV did they start accusing him with false charges. The letter also talks about how he (a father of two daughters) could think of doing something so evil to little girls. He also threatened to take the matters to court if the slander didn’t stop immediately.

The fans of the composer came out in large numbers to support his cause by dropping replies that took his stand.

Sona Mohapatra has actively propagated her agenda of bringing Anu Malik down via Twitter. She shared screenshots of Anu Malik’s formal response to her allegation and also shared long and short versions of her Twitter reply in the same manner. Sona comes across as a fierce and fearless woman who can’t be shut down by trolls or predators.

Shweta Pandit joined her fellow #MeToo victim by Re-Tweeting her message.

The singer called out cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for praising talented contestants on Indian Idol 11, a show being judged by a sexual predator. On 12 November, Sona also bashed singer and Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani for staying shut and doing nothing about his #MeToo accused co-judge, Anu Malik. She even called him a hypocrite for being culpable.

‘Nai Jaana’ singer Neha Bhasin recalls an incident where Anu Malik addressed her as ‘maal’ in front of her husband Ram Sampath. She also accused Anu Malik of being an ‘ugly pervert’ back in the day when she was looking a song break. She narrated a story in which she had gone to Anu malik’s office to hand-over a CD of her songs to the composer who made unpleasantry sexual advancements at her.

Shweta Pandit remembers that when she was 15, Anu Malik asked for a ‘kiss’ in exchange for a song. She remembers fleeing the scene but being scarred by it forever.

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