Viral Now: Face App fever takes over Bollywood and cricket celebrities

Face App fever takes over Bollywood and cricket celebrities

The Face App, developed in Russia, first went viral in 2017 and now even Bollywood celebrities can’t resist the craze. The AI-based app has taken the internet by storm.

The Wireless Lab Company from Russia developed the Face App which is currently breaking the internet, one old-age photo at a time. The AI-based app uses deep neural networks to generate your transformed face.

It allows you to look old or young, add smiles, tattoos, glasses, facial hair, and even swap genders. The app went viral on social owing to its latest filter – the Old-age filter.

Ever since the #FaceAppChallenge has become a recurring phenomenon on social media which even the celebrities have joined relentlessly. The filter looks so real, you can’t tell what’s odd or not.

The curiosity to see how we look at the age of 60 or 70 has captured Bollywood’s and cricket fraternity’s interest too. Some of our famous celebrities have joined the bandwagon of stunning oldies that are gracing our social media feeds every passing minute.

Some look even hotter as aged old men and women. The FaceApp has crossed 50 million user downloads on Google Play and the makers couldn’t be happier.

Take a look!

The 90’s Heroes

The cricket stars

The Kapoor lad

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Old age hit me like .. 👀

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The current cricket hot stars

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A few overs played between this bunch.

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The Ravijani boy

The soon-to-be-married Varun Dhawan

The heartthrob of the nation – Our Baba!

The one pitching for a WAR

Deepu and Ranbir

The ever so sexy Disha

Ayushmann Khurrana is our Desi Bond

Most of our celebrities make for some seriously hot Grand Pas who’d give the younger lot a run for their money. Who would’ve thought the Netizens would be so excited to look and post photos of their older self. What are your thoughts about the ‘revolutionary’ app? Have you tried the ‘old-age’ filter yet?

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