FHRAI peels off the Banana row, says hotel conduct was not illegal

FHRAI peels off the Banana row, says hotel conduct was not illegal

JW Marriott and Rahul Bose’s banana split came as a shock for many people as the hotel charged Rs.442, including taxes for two bananas. FHRAI culminated the Investigation with the statement that the Hotel was within its rights and did not conduct anything illegal.

There was a recent incident that took the limelight of the nation where JW Marriott Chandigarh charged Rs.442, including taxes for two bananas from actor Rahul Bose. The actor shared a video of this misery on Twitter, and soo, the tweet went viral, and people started abusing the staff members of this hotel for ridiculously charging the guests.

Speculating the entire matter The vice president of FHRAI, Gurbaxis Singh Kohli, stated that the hotel chains have to follow Standard Operating Procedures. The hotel is not a body for sales and trades of goods, it is charging for the luxurious services and ambience it provides during the accommodation of the guests, including the cutlery and sanitation of food products.

The reason was justified with the example of Rs.10 coffee on the roadside and Rs.250 coffee in a 5-star hotel. FHRAI vice president said that GST and CGST charges are not optional, but provisional laws passed down by the government, thus, required to be charged on the billing and is legally payable by the customer.

However, the actor was served justice when The Excise and Taxation Department of the Union Territory fined the hotel 25,000 for failing to give a sufficient response to the show-case notice which was issued to them.

The issue has prepared the apex hospitality staff members to tackle similar situations in the future where guests may order products outside the menu — stating that their immediate concern is to resolve such issues in the future and make sure that the guests experience the comfortable hospitality. Precautions have been recommended to the hotel staff to prevent any future mishaps.

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