Kangana sends legal notice to Entertainment Journalists Guild, demands ban lift

Kangana Ranaut Vegan

Just yesterday actress Kangana Ranaut slapped the Entertainment Journalists Guild with a legal notice serving at ultimatum to lift the media ban inflicted upon her within 24 hours.

The infamous fight between Kangana Ranaut and journalist Justin Rao has gathered the nation’s attention. The media boycott, Kangana’s video response, Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter rant and a series of comments from the Bollywood fraternity have made it quite a matter of national interest.

Her strong response to every development has proven that Ms Ranaut cannot be taken for a ride easily. She is fierce, unapologetic and upfront about her viewpoints.

The actress sent a 14-page legal notice to the EJG’s committee members asking for the lift of media ban on the actress within 24 hours, failing which she would be forced to take strict legal actions against the members.

The legal notice was sent to the committee members of Journalist Entertainment Guild and Press Council of India for getting involved with a journalist who has been running a ‘smear campaign’ against her and for the ‘irrational media ban’ on her.

The legal notice was sent for ‘unethical, illegal, immoral act of lending support to a journalist Justin Rao, who is accused of indulging in unprofessional and illegal activities’.

The feud started when Kangana refused to owe a public apology to the journalist for her misconduct at the event. Upon refusing, the journalist committee gathered to impose a strict media ban.

She responded with a video message calling the media ‘cheap freeloaders’. The Press Club of India has backed the committee’s decision of banning the actress. They accused her of using ‘uncivilized, uncultured, filthy and abusive language against the media persons’.

The legal notice was sent by her lawyer Rizwi Siddique who shared it on Twitter saying it is their last chance to ‘rectify all wrongs’.

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