Shekhar Kapur wants to take legal action against Mr India triology makers

Shekhar Kapur wants to 'test it legally' as director Ali Abbas Zafar announce the remake of 'Mr India'. The director of the original film is upset as he hasn't been given the 'creative right' of the film.

Shekhar Kapur wants to ‘test it legally’ as director Ali Abbas Zafar announce the remake of ‘Mr India’. The director of the original film is upset as he hasn’t been given the ‘creative right’ of the film.

Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter to express her displeasure on the remake of ‘Mr India’ by Ali Abbas Zafar. Later, Shekhar Kapur the director of the 1987 ‘Mr India’ starring Anil Kapoor joined Sonam Kapoor’s conversation against the remake of the iconic film. According to recent developments, Shekhar is ready to ‘test it legally’ after director Kunal Kohli pointed out that lyricist Javed Akhtar had to fight-it-out in court for due credits.

On Saturday director Kunal Kohli took to Twitter to share his two cents on the ‘Mr India’ remake controversy. Kunal Kohli tweeted, ‘Javed Akhtar won a hard-fought battle for the rights of lyricists and writers. It’s time we did the same?’ Veteran director Shekhar Kapur retweeted the same statement that it was time to take legal action. He hinted that he might take matters to court since he’s been denied the ‘creative rights’ of the film.

Shekhar has been actively propagating his agenda against the ‘Mr India’ makers who’ve conveniently ignored his and lead actor Anil Kapoor’s contribution towards the success of the 1987 film. On Sunday, Shekhar tweeted another picture of late actor Amrish Puri who played the role of antagonist ‘Mogambo’ in the original version of ‘Mr India’. In his tweet, he wrote a caption stating the way Mogambo would have reacted to the news of the remake if he was alive.

On February 22, Shekhar had also mentioned how every director’s struggles were blatantly ignored. He said, ‘We sit with writers from day one, but are not the writer. Help actors hone performances but are not actors. Develop and create a visual language of film. Slave hours over editing consoles. Directors lead and inspire every aspect of a film and have no creative rights?

Shekhar Kapur’s displeasure comes days after director Ali Abbas Zafar took to Twitter to announce the remake of the ‘Mr India’ trilogy. The filmmakers have tied up with ZEE studios to pull off the remake of the iconic film that starred Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Sri Devi, Satish Kaushik and Anoo Kapoor.

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