Sona Mohapatra trolled for sharing bikini photos, here’s her befitting reply

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Beautiful Female Singer in Bollywood Sona Mohpatra

Sona Mohapatra became the subject for social media trolling when she shared photos of herself in a monokini. The songstress, often known for her outspokenness responded to the trolls by sharing even more of her bikini photos.

Sona Mohapatra is a strong lady who has learned to shut down social media trolls like a boss. Just recently the musician was shamed for sharing pictures of herself in a black monokini. Unlike the Insta-glam girls, Sona chose to share unedited, unfixed and raw images of herself flaunting her ‘well-earned belly’.

When the first set of photos went viral, the Netizens left some very nasty remarks on her pictures. Some slut-shamed her for showing so much skin and others called her out for dressing provocatively. Some even said that they were disappointed by her lack of seriousness. Naturally, all the unnecessary hate didn’t go down well with her singer who responded in the most badass way.

The #MeToo propagator took to Instagram to respond to her haters by sharing even more pictures of herself in the swimsuit. Using #SonaOnTheRocks, she talked about the three categories of people who commented on her previous pictures. She stated that the first category didn’t understand the concept of consent and how women should dress up.

The second category, who were disappointed with her pictures, should throw away their idea an ideal Sona. She explained that she didn’t owe her life to anyone which is why she wouldn’t subscribe to other’s idea of ‘Sanskari-pan’. For the third category, Sona shared immense love and kisses because these folks lifted her up and stood up for her while others bashed her.

Sona concluded her elaborate caption by saying that she would never fit in a box or edit her pictures to look slim. She loved her ‘well-earned belly’ too much to resort to unnatural means and apps.

The beautiful inside out singer sure looks ready for 2020. We’re too are excited to see boss babe Sona Mohapatra spread some more sass in the world.

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