Street Dancer Review: Tiny bit of storytelling among all that dancing in Remo D’Souza’s film

Sahej (Varun Dhawan) and Inayat (Shradha Kapoor) lead two of the most talented dance troops in London as they fight amongst each other. Sahej’s group with NRIs and Inayat’s Pakistani troops are always seen at loggerheads because the filmmakers had to forcefully fit the ‘Bharat-Pakistan dushmani’ angle somehow.

Sahej is on a mission to win a dance called ‘Ground Zero’ where his elder brother met with a major accident two years ago. Now, Sahej wants to fulfil his brother’s dream but Inayat won’t let him have it so easy. As the troops battle it out, there are some excellently choreographed dance sequences between India’s finest dancers like Puneet Pathak, Dharmesh Yelande and Raghav Juyal. Not that you haven’t seen these maestros burn the dance floor on popular dance reality TV shows; the makers couldn’t resist showing you some more of their rubber-limbed bodies.

The Street Dancer story starts with dancing and ends to it. If you walk into the theater asking for any more than dancing; you’re probably going to walk out disappointed. There are great dance sequences but there is too much of them. You’ll be surprised to see one of the other dance performance every five minutes for straight two-hours. Not that we’re complaining but this film is strictly for dance and reality TV show lovers. Director Remo D’Souza has improved a lot since hi initial ABCD days but there is still a long way to go in terms of his directing career. Talking about choreography, there is very little to fault here.

The characters like Sahej are believable and adorable at some points. We feel bad for Shraddha Kapoor who tries too hard to match the energy and finesse of the back dancers as she takes the stage with her half-cooked performances. Not that she is expected to be as good as a professional but some more training would’ve been good for her role as Inayat. Sahej and Inayat’s chemistry builds as the film proceeds but never capture our heart throughout. The foes-turned-lovers only to force-feed us their off-beat equation. Their purpose is to dance to express, not impress.¬†Nora Fatehi, like always sets the stage on fire with her sizzling moves and belly dance. There are glimpses of Prabhudeva and Aparshakti Khurrana in the story but it ends with that. There is nothing more to their characters.

Street Dancer is glorified with remixes of popular Punjabi songs sung by the most famous playback singers in the industry. Guru Randhawa, Sachin-Jigar, Tanishq Bagchi and Badshah ensure that there is good music backing the fabulous dance performances on screen. Altogether Street Dancer is nothing more than a ‘high-budgeted-international-dance-reality-TV-show’ set at the backdrop of bustling London. Shraddha-Varun fails to crack the love book open but dance moves are commendable. So go for the dance, not the story.

If you haven’t already, watch the trailer here:

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