Why Twitter hates Swara Bhasker so much? #SwaraAunty is new favorite twitter trend

For most celebrities the micro-blogging site, Twitter is a great platform to interact with their fans. But things aren’t so easy for ‘Veere Di Wedding’ actress Swara Bhasker.

The fierce actress has always been a soft spot for Twitter trolls as she is unafraid to voice her opinion like most other celebrities. The highly opinionated Swara Bhaskar knows a great deal on how to shut down a Twitter troll.

Swara was heard calling a four-year-old ‘objectionable words’ on comedian Abish Mathew’s show ‘Son of Abish’. Her statement has gone viral and once again Twitter is roaring against her.

#SwaraAunty has been trending non-stop on Twitter where Twitterati is beating her down and black and blue for using derogatory words for a 4-year-old child. Swara has also been filed under the National Child Rights Protection Act.

Finally, Swara has opened up on the matter stating that she was ‘only joking about the scene’. She claims that the show format is comic which brings out her corny side. Swara also said that if the trolls watch the show completely they would know that she only helped the child while others just watched in silence.

The matters even worsened when Swara bravely shut down one of her trolls going in the name of Sanjay Dixit. The Twitter folks are steaming with angst against the ‘Ranjhanaa’ star.

When Swara’s masturbation scene from ‘Veere Di Wedding’ invited a lot of backlashing on Twitter, she was quick enough to slam down every single one of them with nothing but her soul-piercing words.

The tweeps went on to call her ‘vulgar’, ‘slut’ ‘disgusting’ and called her actions as ‘against the Indian culture’. Swara took to Twitter to shut down her slammers who used that scene reference in expanding their Lok Sabha Elections campaign.

Swara Bhaskar has been involved in a number of Twitter feuds with haters and trolls but the optimistic actress doesn’t let hate get to her. She continues to live her life and be as opinionated as she can be.

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