Thappad Review: Taapsee Pannu hits patriarchy right in the face with her excellent performance

Taapsee Pannu as housewife Amrita depicts the true realities of most-Indian women who find it hard to breathe with all the oppression in the male-dominant society.

Thappad is not based on ‘one slap’, it is more about those little deaths that she dies at the hands of an inconsiderate husband. The trailer of ‘Thappa’ had given out all the necessary details of the film that was supposed to be majorly about that one slap that an entitled husband placed on his wife’s cheek at a party.

Well, in a larger sense tiny elements and nuances of day-to-day lives of a bunch of women come together to build the case for ‘Thappad’. There is a lot of conflict inside the head of these ladies who convince Amrita to ‘let it go and move on’. A determined Amrita refuses to bow down and things start to go wrong as her mother, lawyer, mother-in-law and even sister ask her ‘adjust a little’ before sh goes ballistic on her husband.

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Arita and Vikram are no troubled couple. Vikram is not even the villain here until of course, e places that slap on Amrita’s face. He even justifies his act by stating reasons like his long-due promotion was cancelled and that it was in the heat of the moment that he lost his cool. Although for most other women, it was just a slap but for Amrita it came as an eye-opener that triggered her to seek divorce. The film is not about domestic abuse or violent husband, it is about male entitlement that is so deeply rooted in our culture that women have learned to live with it.

Taapsee Pannu is a volcano of excellent acting chops. The entire story boils down to her portrayal of an upper-class Delhi woman who decides to change things in her life. The writers Anubhav Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul turn a social message kind of movie into a story that holds you for two-hours straight.

The characters are very well written and Tapsee’s dialogues deserve a special mention. For once Taapsee isn’t on-screen playing the role of a fierce and agitated lady seeking her rights. This time Taapsee is a breeze, a lady with a sublime nature who transforms into a rock-solid female figure setting the right examples before entitled male dominant society.

Thappad is a turning point in Hindi cinema where Taapsee and her women clan including Dia Mirza, Naila Grewal and Tanvi Azmi make you think of the true plight of women in India. The men of the hour Pavail Gulati, ram Kapoor, Kumud Mishra and Sushil Dhaiya also deliver great performances. Thappad is a slap on the face of patriarchy and sexism that has plagued our society of ages.

It is a must-watch for the brilliant storyline and acting.

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