Twinkle Khanna on JNU Attack: Cows are safe but not students

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

A day after the protests at Jawarharlal Nehru University campus, actress-cum-writer Twinkle Khanna tweeted ‘cows are safer than students in our country’.

Twinkle Khanna is known as someone who doesn’t resort to sugar-coated words or sly remarks when it comes to talking about matters of national concern.

This time Mrs Funny bones shared her two-cents on the recent JNU campus attacks that have shaken the nation. Sharing a clipping from Mumbai Mirror newspaper, Twinkle tweeted that ‘cows were safer than students in India’ and ‘you can’t oppress people with violence’.

Her tweet read:

While Twinkle’s rage and intentions are clear, the Twitterati seem to have contrasting views on her nationalism. The fans were quick enough to point out that her husband Akshay Kumar is a bona fide propagandist of ABVP party. Some fans even targeted Twinkle for her husband’s distinguished political favours. Right from trolling her to calling the couple ‘snakes’, the fans have left no stone unturned in shaming the author.

Read some brutal fan replies:

While some fans also came out in support of Twinkle saying that her husband’s opinion or political inclination is different from hers. She is entitled to have an individual say in any matter.

On Sunday, a bunch of mask-covered men forcibly entered the JNU campus with arms. They mercilessly beat up students and teachers inside the university campus. The recent attack on innocent students has outraged the entire country that now stands united against the government. The country mourns the attack as fellow JNU students take to the streets to express their angst.

Central government is being accused of planning, organizing and conducting a terrorist attack in India. Every Indian heart is boiling with rage as the students who were unarmed and mostly innocent have been the subject of brutal acts. Several videos and photos from the incident show their mercilessness.

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