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Anupama Written Update 3rd Nov: Kavya gets Anupama to sign Property Papers

Anupama 22 October

Anupama laughs at Anuj jokes and in the background, the song ‘hasti rehe tu hasti rehe’ plays. In the Market Vimla and Kamla taunt Leela that they heard Anu leave the house. Is she living with her mother or Anuj?

Anu passes by Shah’s house as she saw Baa there she went to touch her feet seeking blessings, but Leela refuses to Bless her and says that she is not her Bahu neither her Daughter anymore.

It was her fault she gave her so much love and freedom. She said to Kamla and Vimla that She kicked Anu out of the house because of her behavior.

Anupama asks Leela if she is done then can she leave now? Kavya stops Anu and asks her to sign some Documents. Anu asks her what these documents are about? Baa tells her to sign the Property papers as she never had anything of her own. Everything she had either been given by them or Vanraj.Anu remembers the day Bapuji got her Sign these Property papers.

She signed the paper and said to Leela that you can keep me outside the house but can’t keep me away from my Relationships.

Anu reaches dance class, Samar and Nandini feel that she is not okay. They ask Anu about What happened? She said she is feeling exactly the same she did feel after Signing the Divorce papers. She said she is okay and asked them to Play a song to Choreograph the Sangeet dance.

Kavya informs Vanraj that she got Anupama signs on Property paper. Vanraj says that why can’t she wait for some time. Bapuji is already offended with them. Kavya says that now she will snatch Karkhana from Anupama. Vanraj asks her to wait for some time. Kavya says Bapuji will be okay in some time.

Anupama dances at Mahi ve song and then Anuj enters the Dance Academy to return Anu’s phone and tell Anu to come with her to see some houses he chose for her with the help of Agents.

Anu asks Samar to come with her but he said he has some work. Kavya hears their conversation,she called Vanraj and said that Anupama had Anuj back so they need to snatch Karkhana from her. Vanraj agreed.

Anupama and Anuj sat in an auto and went to see the House. Anu asks Anuj that he knows why we are not traveling by his car? Because people will assume we are rich and they will charge extra rent to her.

Anuj takes off his tie and coat and asks Anupama if he is now looking like a common man. Anupama smiles and says he always looks special. They checked out a house and liked it, now the owner agrees to rent it to a single woman.

At Shah’s house, Baa bought a Utensil from the vendor and asked him to write her and Hashmukh’s name on it. Hashmukh came with Property paper in his hand and asked the vendor to write only Leela’s name on it. Leela saw the property paper in his hand. She took the Utensil and asked the vendor to go.

Then Hashmukh asks her why she did this to Anupama. Leela said that she had done worse and now she doesn’t deserve a place in this house or the Property either. Hashmukh said that don’t stoop so low that one day you will regret and cant take it all back.

Real house Agent asks Anupama if she can pay 50000 in advance then this house can be hers. Anupama cleared her that she is single,Anuj is his friend who will visit often and her son will visit often.

The agent agrees to her condition and says that she is also single and had faced this problem, so she decided to help people like her to find a home in the city. Anuj says that she is a real Womempowermnet. Anupama thanked her as she gave her house on Dhanteras.

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