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Anupama Written Update 8th October: confronts Vanraj, Anuj wants to be with Anupama but knows his limit

Anupama October 8

The episode starts where Anupama finishes her work and asks Anuj if she needs to do anything else. He asks her to stop so that she can do something for tomorrow too.

Anuj feels a sudden headache. Anupama asks him about it.

He says it may be a headache because he was awake the whole last night. She asks the reason behind it? Anuj told Anupama about his migraine then she asked him about medicines, he refused and said he hadn’t even eaten something! She brought a chocolate milkshake for him and asked him to drink it fast and scolds him for keeping such misconduct with health. She will send her some food and walk away. Anuj thinks he was with Anu the whole day, now what’s next?

Vanraj was daydreaming about Anupama coming to her and asking her to talk not to fight as they are still parents, not husband and wife. Anupama is telling him that she only got punished after the divorce, still, she wasn’t the reason for it. Why is he jealous when she is not his at all. He never cared for her when she was his wife. He was dating Kavya then and she wasn’t jealous now why he was jealous of Anuj. She only wants peace, nothing else.

Then suddenly Vanraj saw Anupama walking into the house back from the office and she was speaking to Anuj over the phone, he got jealous and shut his door.

Anuj at his home kneaded dough angrily then GK asks what happened why is he fighting with dough? He says he wants to talk to Anupama but he can’t because he knows his limitations and he can’t cross it.

Anupama in the kitchen asks Kinjal and Nandini to help her to find women who work and also cook food at home. Kinjil suggests that they can take Baa help in this. Baa yells at them by saying she doesn’t want to ruin others’ houses as well and she doesn’t have friends who will work at the cafe. So don’t bother to disrespect her even outside the house.

Kavya asks Vanraj to change the menu of Anu and Anuj cafe in order to bring them down. Vanraj doesn’t seem interested in her plan. Then she says to Vanraj that he ruined her chance of working with Anuj now he even can’t focus on his own cafe, so at least do whatever she is asking him to do and if he can’t then focus on his own cafe.

Kavya asks him to hand over the cafe to her. He says she wants to be an entrepreneur like Anuj but she can’t even handle a single job without him. Kavya asked him to stop as he was insulting him. He says she did it outside the house with him. Leela overhears their fight and prays to god to make the house and people good and remove the evils from her house.

Kinjal asks Anupma to do every conversation in email so that it can be official, she will help her to create an email id. While creating id Anupama name wasn’t available then Anupama asks Kinjal to add one more at the end of Anupamaa. Kinjal said she will always have a Maa in herself.

Anuj gets Anu’s first email and he seems happy then he calls Anu about something and she gets tensed. After that the next morning when Vanraj saw Anu with a bag, he asks her if she is going to London this time. She says that Samar is going to a corporate meeting.

Samar called to Anu, Vanraj snatched the phone and started yelling. Anu asked her to stop yelling as he will be out for 4 days and his friend is coming to pick his bag. He is busy with his rehearsals. Leela says to Vanraj not to worry as Anuj is sending Samar for an event to attend. Vanraj gets more jealous.

Episode ends.

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