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Anupama Written Update October 11th: Pakhi lashes out at Vanraj and Anupama

Anupama October 11

The episode begins with Anuj explaining the terms and conditions of the company to Kavya. He confirms if Kavya is willing to still work with him or not. Kavya nods in approval and tells Vanraj won’t come in between this. Anuj asks her to address him as ‘sir’ from now on and thank Anupama for letting her join the company and work.

Kavya agrees and goes ahead to thank Anupama. Anupama tells her that her bitter relationship cannot be forgotten but she never doubted Kavya’s talent and that she can be an asset to the company. Kavya thanks her and Anuj starts respecting Anupama even more after hearing this.

Pakhi comes home with the good news of being a topper in her class. She decides to bake a cake for Vanraj and Anupama to make them smile. Leela sees her bake a cake and is astonished to see that and asks her as to what is the occasion. Pakhi informs her about her scores and Leela congratulates her.

Hansmukh scolds Vanraj for firing the cafe’s chef and asks him as to who will now work at the cafe. Leela defends him by saying that it is all because of Anupama that he is stressed and did the same. Hansmukh gets enraged as to why Leela always tries to hide Vanraj’s mistakes. Leela prays for Vanraj’s well-being.

Nandini informs Kinjal about Samar’s stage accident and tells that his friends think it was planned. Kinjal asks her not to worry that he’s safe now. Pakhi informs everyone of the good news and everyone congratulates her and they celebrate cutting the cake.

On knowing about Kavya’s joining, Devika asks Anuj as to why is he letting her work there. She tells him that Kavya is going to play her evil plans against Anupama and that he must protect her. Anuj tells her that she believes Anupama and is glad that he loves such a woman who is so great.

Kavya tells Vanraj of her joining Anuj and Anupama. He gets enraged and argues with her. She tells it’s better that she works than begging money from other people. He replies by saying that it’s better that she begs from a stranger than beg Anuj and Anupama.

Vanraj tells her that it is only because of Anupama that Anuj is entertaining her but she lashes him by saying that it is because of her own talent that she has earned her place. Anupama listens standing aside.

Precap: Vanraj gets enraged and throws a vase and hurts himself on the head. Seeing this, Anupama gets concerned and rushes towards him. Vanraj pushes her away and asks her not to touch him ever again.

Kavya manages to catch hold of Anupama in time and prevents her from falling down. Pakhi is left in tears and shouts at both of them as to what should a child do when their divorced parents behave in this way. They hug her and click a selfie posting it on social media. Anuj watches it.

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