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Anupama Written Update October 14th: Vanraj acts all good, Leela taunts Anupama

Anupama 14th October Update

Anu takes Nandini to her office so that Rohan can’t trouble him anymore and she is still thinking about how to tell Vanraj about Rohan. She prays for the well-being of Samar.

As she enters the office she saw Gk enacting and doing things jokingly with Anuj. He welcomed Anu enacting as a Queen. Anuj feels embarrassed and asks Gk to let Anu work. Anu says she is lucky and blessed to have Gk in her life as a father.

GK feels happy about it and then he leaves the office. Anuj saw a photo of Vanraj, Anu, and Pakhi together and he then became conscious about what he was thinking earlier then he asked Anupama to come to the cabin to discuss the issues she is having while working.

Baa gets a call from her friends that their bahu’s want to participate in a cooking competition organised by Anu and they want to work in a hotel, if they win. Why is Anu spoiling their bahu’s and who is Anuj? How are Anu and Anuj connected?

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At the office, after winding up the work Kavya asks Anu what if the women who have registered won’t show up at the competition. Anuj says we will make them competent who will come.

Anu says what’s the benefit of spending so much money on this if no one turns up?

Anuj says this is how business goes, don’t worry and then he asks Devika to drop Anu and Nandini at home. Devika says she hasn’t brought her car today and asks Anuj to drop them home.

Anu hesitates then agrees. When they were about to step in the car, Vanraj and Pakhi arrived and told them that today is a cab strike so they came to pick them up.

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Anuj asks Anu to go with her family. Anu greets them goodnight and steps into Vanraj’s car. Vanraj says he wouldn’t have come if Pakhi hadn’t resisted?

Anu says it’s okay and then Vanraj drives the car.

Anuj and Devika get into the car and Anuj recites Shayari. Devika says if he wasn’t her boss she would have slapped him.Why is he so sacrificial? when Vanraj is already married to Kavya.

Anuj says because they are still a family, he can’t interfere like that.Devika says she is sure Vanraj and Kavya will cause trouble for Anu again. Anuj says if they do so they have to face him too. Devika tries to make Anuj understand that he is husband material for Anu and he should keep her happy as he has loved her for the last 25 years and she deserves a husband like him.

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Anu returns home and Leela taunts her by saying her place is in the home not somewhere else.Anu says she will make a place in this home and in her heart too.Leela walks away.

Samar asks Nandini if Rohan has caused trouble to her behind his back? Nandini says no. Anu says they should inform Vanraj about this! Vanraj enters the room and asks about what?

Samar says he wants to discuss his engagement, but he is tired. Vanraj says ok and then leaves. Samar says that they should lodge a police complaint and seek help from Anuj.

Anu says that he should trust his father first and inform him about this, not Anuj as he is her colleague and business partner.

Samar says Mr shah is not a superman.Anu says he is your father so it’s his right to know about his child’s problem first.

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