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Anupama Written Update, October 7: Anupama retaliates, confronts Anuj

Anupama October 7 Written Update

The episode begins with Vanraj apologizing to Hansmukh by saying that he never wanted to create a scene but instead wanted to teach a lesson to Anuj because he wanted him to know that his family is not for sale. Hansmukh folds his hands and leaves in disapproval.

Devika finds Anuj dejected. Seeing her, Anuj cries out as to why does he always target Anupama? He says if Vanraj has a problem with him then why doesn’t he only humiliate him and why does he have to involve Anupama in that. He feels helpless because he couldn’t do anything when Vanraj was humiliating Anupama.

Devika consoles him by saying that they cannot do anything but support her as friends. She says that Anupama herself is leading this life of misery by not leaving her family even after her divorce. She says for Anupama her family is everything and she will never leave them or her house. Anuj feels guilty of asking Anupama to leave her house to which Devika says he shouldn’t be, as anyone in his place would have done the same. Anuj says he wants to see Anupama happy always.

Anupama reaches back home and shouts at Vanraj telling him that he tried to spoil her biggest day. She tells him that there was a boy near her house who used to throw pebbles at a flying airplane thinking he can destroy it. She tells that Vanraj is that boy who is trying to destroy her life but lets him know that no matter how much he tries to stop her from achieving success, he can’t reach her.

Anupama then says sorry to Vanraj to which he asks why is she apologizing to him. She stands on the steps and stands next to him. Anuj tries tearing off his handprint with Anupama but GK stops him from doing that. He gives him a hug to console him.

Anupama tells Vanraj that she is sorry for being afraid of him till now but not anymore. She tells him that he creates a scene and shouts because he is afraid. But now he can’t stop her. She will not stay back and he cannot ruin her success.

Anupama tells Vanraj that he is afraid that she is achieving success alone without his help and is flying higher every day. Leela says you are succeeding by holding a stranger’s hand to which Anupama asks isn’t she staying at this house with a stranger? Leela asks who’s a stranger for you here to which she replies Vanraj Shah. Kavya says Vanraj surely is a stranger to her.

Anupama tells Vanraj that she is sorry for his fears and prays that he gets his peace. On this, Vanraj steps aside and tells her that however high she flies she will always be lower to him. Anupama shuts him off saying that he will always have to bend his head in front of her and she will always have her head held high in front of him. On hearing this, Leela shouts her name and Anupama tells her there’s no need for that. Anupama leaves by saying she’s done with them now. Kinjal seems happy to see that.

The next morning, Anupama reaches the office. She greets Anuj and he asks her if she has started working already. She replies to him saying that she is trying to get a hold of it slowly and asks him if he thought she wouldn’t come today. She thanks him for his encouragement because of which she could come to the office today.

Nandini watches a hooded man in the dance academy and she fears who that is. It comes out to be Samar. Samar tells her that after what happened yesterday, Rohan must be gone. Nandini tells him that Rohan won’t back off so easily. Rohan is seen standing nearby.

Anupama tells Anuj that a bird flies everywhere throughout the day but by the end of the day returns back to her nest. She tells him, like that bird she cannot leave her family and will always end up going back to her home.

Anuj apologizes to her for asking her to leave her house to which she says that anyone would have asked her to do the same. She thanks him and Devika for being her good friends and he also thanks her for being his friend. He tells her she should always do what makes her happy. Thereafter, he starts letting her know about her work.

Precap: Kavya is enraged with Vanraj to always talk about Anupama and Anuj. Leela asks Anupama to leave Anuj and end their relationship as a boy and a girl can never stay just friends.

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