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Babushaan Mohanty and co-actor Prakruti in car, wife Trupti creates high voltage drama

Babushaan Mohanty and Actress Prakruti Mishra in car, wife takes action

Odia actor Babusan Mohatay’s wife and actress Prakruti Mishra got into a ugly fight when Babusan’s wife Trupti saw Babusan and Prakruti together in a car and the video is getting viral on social media.

What is in the Viral Video?

A video has gone viral in which Odia film actor Babushaan can be seen with actress Prakruti Mishra in a car.

In the video it is clearly seen that a woman in the car is trying to fight with actress Prakruti and when she is trying to get out of the car, the woman pulls Prakruti’s hair.

It is also seen in the viral video that Prakruti is crying for help, but nobody comes to her rescue. And people standing there are recording the incident while she herself manages to escape from the grip of the woman.

As Prakruti runs from her grip towards an auto rickshaw the woman who is being said Babushaan’s wife Trupti Satapathy runs towards Prakruti again while screaming.

The incident was reportedly witnessed in Satya Nagar area of Bhubaneswar. Twitter users share their opinions on the viral video:

Complaint Against Trupti wife of Babusan

According to reports Prakruti’s father Manmath Mishra has lodged a complaint against Trupti wife of Babusan Mohanty for heckling and torturing Prakruti in the streets.

Babusan’s take on this incident

Talking about the incident Babusan said he and Prakruti were invited as guests for Utkal Diwas celebration organized by Utkal Association here in Chennai. And he shared that they were going there to promote their new movie in which Prakruti is his co-star and he also added she is a very good friend of mine and so I went to pick her up from the airport.

Babusan further explained the situation that On the way from the airport, suddenly his wife and father-in-law came and attacked them and harassed Prakruti .

He also added that he understands his wife’s feelings as she does not belong to the film industry, so she has no idea about our work and how we work. I am in complete shock. That’s it.”

Babusan concluded his statement and said “As an actor, I have no other option than to work with several other female co-actors which is natural. My wife needs to understand the nature of my work. People will say many things but I know I am right.”

Prakruti’s take on this matter

Prakruti clarified that she was just going with his co-star to promote their upcoming movie and suddenly Babusan’s wife and his father-in -law attacked and abused her.

She also stated that when Babusan’s family was harassing her, people standing there were busy making videos and nobody helped her. Prakruti also stated that she is not responsible for Babusan and wife’s personal fight, she said she was dragged into their family matter and just friends.

Babusan and Prakruti’s movie

Babusan Mohatay and Prakruti Mishra were seen together in the Odia movie Premam which was  directed by Tapas Sargharia and features Babushan Mohanty, Prakruti Mishra and Siddhanta Mahapatra as lead characters. Premam is produced by Sishir Kumar Sarangi and the genre of the movie is Action-romance and the movie was released in theaters on  3 July 2022.


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Babusan is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie Daman.

Prakruti’s post after the incident:


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