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Bigg Boss 15 1st Week Highlights: Host Salman Khan abuses Pratik for breaking Lock?

Salman Khan angry on Pratik

Bigg Boss 15 has started and contestants have already started gearing up their socks to fight and win the Bigg Boss 15 trophy this year. The fights, love bindings, and friendships have already started and Netizens are loving it and different hashtags are trending on Twitter to support their favorite contestants.

Pratik Shejpal and Jay Bhanusali are in an ugly fight

As of now, the Jungle Vaasi in Bigg Boss 15 are not allowed to enter the main house. They will get a chance to play and win their position in the main house. In the task given last night, Jungle Vaasi have to find the way to enter the main house with a map they won in the task, but the main house contestants, Pratik, Shamita and Nishant hide it from them.

While they were searching for it. Jay Bhanusali and Pratik Shehjpal get themselves in an ugly fight where Pratik holds the collar Jay and Jay insulted him by abusing him.

Fans of Pratik Sehajpal are angry after he was insulted by Jay Bhanusali. Furious Jay called Pratik a ‘dedh footiya’ which is a rude term for a short person, fans of Pratik Shehjpal took to Twitter and demanded punishment for Jay by Bigg Boss for this behavior of him.

Shamita Shetty blushes, threatens to hit Jay Bhanushali as he calls her ‘Shamita Shetty Bapat’

After Shamita Shetty grabbed everyone’s attention with her growing romance with Raqesh Bapat in Bigg Boss OTT, now in Bigg Boss 15 her co-contestants teased her about the love and their bond. She blushed when Jay Bhanusali teased her by calling her ‘Shamita Shetty Bapat’ sounds great, doesn’t it?

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Shamita asked Jay to keep his mouth shut but Jay kept teasing her then, she picked up a club and jokingly ran after him to hit him with it. When everyone asked why she blushed, she denied and her face turned red.

Fans of Shamita and Raqesh are happy to see this:

Is the Love Triangle Growing between Pratik, Meisha, and Akasa? 

Pratik Shehjpal and his rumored ex-girlfriend Meisha Iyer both are in the house of Bigg Boss 15, and somewhere they fight but still care for each other, it’s very much visible. In the last few episodes, Meisha was seen caring and calming Pratik whenever he is out of control, and she also let the matter go when the changing room issue arises, where Pratik by mistake went there, where she was changing and she asked him to stay away but he was arguing with her so he gets carried away.

On the other side, it was seen that Akasa was telling her girl gang that Pratik is cute, genuine, and good at heart and she even confronted Meisha and asked her if there was anything going on between her and Pratik? Meisha denied.

Akasa is observing her feelings and Pratik as well before she decides anything. Both were seen talking, sharing moments, and even seen praising each other.

Karan Kundra says Shamita Shetty ‘aunty’. Fans trolled him over Twitter for age shaming

While the whole house was on fire over the map and everyone was arguing, Pratik and Jay got into an ugly fight and while they were fighting. Everyone was arguing. Nishant called jungle wasi housemates Classless and then  Shamita Shetty said, “You all are playing like hooligans,”

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Karan Kundra objected to the same and while  he was shouting he said, ‘ what was Shamita doing?’ And then how does she call us Classless?” and while Kundra was having a talk with Nishant and Jay, he said, “Hum apne dum pe khade hai aur woh aunty ko bhi samjha dena ki bhai, class ki baat mat karna aage se.”

As soon as Nitizens saw this, fans of Shamita Shetty started trolling Karan Kundra for age-shaming her. Ex Bigg Boss OTT contestant  Neha Bhasin also came in support of Shamita and slammed Karan Kundra for this behavior and asked him to say ‘sorry to her.

Is Karan Kundra a Real Gamer? As he created a drift between Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant

The upcoming episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 15 is going to be fun and thrilling as jungle wasi decided to go with  Karan Kundra’s plan and they took all the luggage of Pratik, Shamita, and Nishant and asked them to return the map either they will not give them their essentials.

After some time Shamita wanted to give them the map in return for the essentials but Pratik refused to do that. They got into a huge argument and after that Shamita gave the jungle wasi map and then Nishant and Shamita got into an argument about why she took the decision alone. She can’t do it. But Shamita disagreed because Pratik wasn’t listening to her so she have to do it.

Jungle Vaasi are happy and celebrating as their Divide and rule trick worked and netizens are seeing Kundra as a gamer. A gamer who plays with the brain and can be a leader of Jungle Vaasi.

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Karan is planning to break OTT contestants and asks Jay to buckle up

Karan Kundrra makes a plan and says to Jay that we are taking the game very easily. He says we need to torture and make life hell for the OTT people. Karan Kundrra says to Jay and Vishal that this way of playing with comfort and our laziness will backfire on all of us. So let’s buckle up and break them and rule them.

Karan says to Simba that Shamita needs to be out of the trio of OTT contestants in order to rule them. Vishal says he will instigate Shamita, but somewhere he feels bad about it as he knows she is good by heart.

Does host Salman Khan abuse Pratik for breaking washroom lock?

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