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Bigg Boss 15 Miesha-Ieshan Kissing: Twitter users slammed Colors TV

Bigg Boss 15 Miesha-Ieshan

Bigg Boss 15 has seen quite a lot in the first week itself, from huge verbal spats of Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehejpal, to love blooming between Miesha Iyer and Ieshan Sehgaal. The romance of these two has been making headlines these days.

With housemates questioning their love affair that has started so soon in a week, others have also been seen calling their relationship ‘fake’. Recently, Andy Kumar in his 54-minute video had called their relationship only a part of the game.

He said the way Ieshan said ‘I love you’ to her in just 7 days is not real. He even shared a Twitter post telling his opinion about Umar Riaz, Ieshan Sehgaal, and Miesha Iyer.

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Recently, the two lovebirds were caught kissing each other in the latest promo. They both were seen hugging each other even after knowing that the camera is focused on them. They’re often seen as being intimate and never shy away from PDA.

Watch the video shared by Colors TV:

The housemates have also made fun of the two and discussed how fast young people fall in love these days. Jay Bhanushali was seen sharing a joke over the two when he said “Thank God, the show isn’t for nine months, otherwise these two would have started a family by then”.

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Everyone including the Bigg Boss fans have called their relationship unreal and only for the show. Even the show’s host Salman Khan teased them by calling it the fastest romance to date.

While the inmates were seen laughing about the same, the fans have shown disapproval of their recent liplock moment at the BB house! They demanded the duo’s eviction from the show saying that it is a family show.

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One of the viewers even questioned the show by saying that the tag of being a family show should be removed from Bigg Boss as this content was pure nonsense and not necessary.

People have been sharing their dislike as they sit and watch it with their parents as well. People have trolled the two on Twitter and are not at all impressed with the channel’s decision to air this.

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