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Bigg Boss 15: Umar and Tejasswi got the highest votes, Jay is shockingly behind

Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15: Umar and Tejasswi got the highest votes, Kundra is on 3rd while Jay is shockingly behind. Bigg Boss 15 has started and it has been two days and already everyone is struggling to make their presence on the show.

Whether by fighting, making love angles, or by doing entertainment. Where Tejasswi Prakash is winning hearts on one side with her entertainment and funny Moments on the other side Karan Kundra is winning hearts on Twitter with his gameplay.

For now, all the jungle wasis are nominated to go out of the show this week, because Pratik Shehjpal broke the Bigg Boss property in a fight with jungle wasis.

Tejasswi Prakash is currently ruling the Bigg Boss House

Now the fans of all the celebrities are voting for them to save this weekend for getting out of the house.

Everyone’s a celebrity outside and has fans but Bigg Boss is a game where fans can be made and broken on the basis of the game and strategy you make inside the house. How you react, how you speak, everything is considered. On Twitter and other social media platforms, different polls are created by pages to know who is trending or which celebrity is getting the highest vote.

Well, Tejasswi Prakash, a TV actor who has a huge fan base from TV shows like Swaragini and She was also seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 10. Here in Bigg Boss 15, she is ruling the show with her Entertainment side and Bigg Boss fans are loving her personality the most.

She does funny things that make people inside the show and outside the show laugh and she always has a sarcastic way to do things, no matter how serious the situation is! She also has a voice and when needed, she roars like a tigress that we have seen when she had a fight with Donal Bisht. She is trending everywhere and got the highest votes in all the polls done.

Umar Riaz, brother of Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Asim Riaz is playing very wisely and with calmness and patience. He is in second place on voting trends after Tejasswi. People are expecting him to show matureness like Asim Riaz, but he is a different person, so he is doing things in his own way and in a great way.

Umar also has the advantage when it comes to voting because of the fan base of  Asim Riaz’s stint on Bigg Boss 13. Umar Riaz is leading in few polls on social media. We know all are aware of the fan base of Asim Riaz, it’s huge and so loyal.

Karan Kundra is playing smartly

Karan Kundra, actor, VJ, and host of Reality shows on MTV is one of the hottest and eligible bachelors inside the house. He was engaged with VJ Anusha, but they got separated due to some personal reasons, after that Kundra is a bachelor. He is playing the game with his brain and because of him, the jungle wasis won the task of getting a map from the main house contestants.

He is playing smartly and bravely but there was an incident when he got trolled for saying Shamita Shetty ‘aunty. Celebs and fans of Shamita trolled him for doing age shaming.

Popular TV and Film actor Jay Bhanusali disappointed the fans

He got the third-highest vote according to polls and trends. The shocking poll result is of Jay Bhanusali, one of the highest-paid contestants seems like he is in danger for now.

As per some polls, he is even behind Vishal Kotian. In the first week, he got into a fight with Pratik Shejapal and it turned ugly when he abused Pratik’s mother and Netizens got angry at his behavior. Maybe this is the reason behind the polls downfall voting on his name.

This year, the boys of Bigg Boss 15 house have more fan base outside than Girls of Bigg Boss house, only Tejasswi has a great fan base outside because of the TVshows she has done earlier and she is earning more fan base by her entertainment in Bigg Boss house.

It will be fun to see when Pratik Sehajjpal will be in nomination along with other Boys of Bigg Boss contestants as he also has a good fan base outside.

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