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10 Binge Watch Hindi Web Series 2022: She 2, Aashram 3 to Pachayat 2, wait-worthy sequels

Binge Watch 2022

Web-shows have become the most loved and watch contents in India. The Indian audience love to enjoy the web-shows more than a high budget movie, especially after COVID-19 pandemic which brought a major shift in audiences’ taste towards web-series.

This is the main reason, why today more and more web-series are being made. Big production house are showing their interest in producing web-shows which is also a good news for viewers who just want to be entertainer in the comfort of your home enjoying the shows on digital platforms.

In the past 2-3 years, the popularity of OTT has touch the skies in the Indian entertainment market and as by the passing time we Will witness even more growth in that. In the upcoming days, many OTT platform are going to bring more web-shows for you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of Hindi web-shows that you can binge-watch anytime and anywhere you want to. Check out the list below:


Upcoming Hindi Web Series

1- Guilty Minds

The 10-episode Hindi language court room drama series was created and co-written by Shefali Bhushan with Manav Bhushan, Deeksha Gujral and Jayant Digambar Somalkar.

The series stars Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra, Sugandha Garg, Satish Kaushik, Namratha Seth, Kulbhushan Kharbanda in key roles while Shefali and Somalkar are the directors.

The series stream on Amazon Prime on April 22, 2022 and follows three law school friends who are often put opposite each other in the court of law. Each episode of the series dwell with issues such as rape, artificial intelligence and water storage etc.

The guilty mind season one is streaming on amazon prime and the director Shefali Bhushan is all set and ready to broadcast season 2.

2- Aashram 3

There are 10 episodes in the series and the series is based on how a person named baba Nirala has done good worship for a very long period and has renamed himself a god.

The story is spiritually based and at some point, fictional too. The series of all seasons are available in MX player.

3- Panchayat Season 2

Deepak Kumar Mishra is back with the Indian comedy-drama series season 2. Season one was very much liked by the audience. The series is about how a boy who wants to clear the common aptitude test exam is preparing for his exam and also doing the work of the secretary of the panchayat.

In season 2 the actor is Pradhan pati from the secretary and is again preparing for the cat exam as he got failed in the first attempt. The series was very much loved by the audience.

The series is streaming on amazon prime and the response of the audience for season 2 is already positive.

4- Gullak Season 3

The title itself means saving. The series is based on a middle-class family who is worried about their children’s education and job. Boy name Aman Mishra is the youngest child.

He has completed his 10th board and the whole family is now tense about what subject he will take in 11th class so that he can get a good job in the future. The series is about how parents save money for their kids.

All the seasons are available on Sony Liv and evry season has an aiming good twist and middle-class people’s problems.

5- Apaharan 2

The series is about how a police inspector tries to handle his personal and professional life.  Rudra who is playing the role of the lead in the series is sent on a very important and confidential mission.

He is a very strong and experienced cop so the raw sends him in many cases and he is then not able to give that much time to his wife. The series is crime and thriller based.

The series is streaming on Voot anyone can watch the series on Voot very easily and for free.

6- Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

The plot of this series is very thrilling and mind game based. The series is about how the police inspector is suspended from the police force and how he joins the police force again.

This series is Ajay Devgan’s first OTT series which is loved by the audience and is streaming on  Disney+ hostsar

7- Human

The series is about human physical and medical health. The series has tried to show the audience how the pharmaceutical company works and how medical and medicine testing is being done on poor people.

There are two girls name Shefali shah and Kriti Kalahari who revolve around the medical companies and finds out how drugs are tested on human.

The series is available on  Disney+ Hotstar and is a very amazing series which have to ask shown answer to some questions that we human don’t know

8- Rocket Boys

The series is all about intelligence and a sharp brain. In this series, some boys are very brilliant and have developed a few programs which are related to space and nuclear.

In the series, there are two main leads named Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Dr.Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai they are two extra-talented people who have made a few programs that are written in the Indian history. The series is streaming on Sony Liv.

9- The Fame Game

This series is very mysterious and suspense based. Madhuri Dixit is playing the role of a girl named Anand and, in this series, she is a star who suddenly goes somewhere. What where how is something that you will understand after watching the series?

Madhuri has never done any OTT web series before so this is her first series which is all about her appearance and her mystery. The series has some drama and thriller elements in it and is streaming on Netflix.

10- The Great Indian Murder

This is a very mysterious and case-solving type of series. The is about how an industrialist accused person is killed mysteriously. 5 people are in the lead as the group tries to find the murderer.

Vicky rai is the person who died at the party and the murderer is among the guest who was invited to the party. The murderer tries to be normal and help the police in finding the person who has killed Vicky rai. The series is streaming on Disney host star.

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