Is Dan Bilzerian got married? Viral Wedding Photos put internet on fire

Dan Bilzerian Marriage

Dan Bilzerian who is an Armenian-American Poker player and Businessman who is known for his flashy lifestyle on social media platforms where he has a massive following of 33 million.

Recently this 41-years old took to his social media and shared a picture of him with a woman and both of them were dressed in wedding outfits.

Dan was wearing a smart suit, while the lady was seen wearing  a sage green wedding dress holding a bouquet of white flowers walking down the aisle left everybody in shock.

He also captioned the picture “I finally did it.” He posts something after a month, before posted on 24th of June:


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Dan Bilzerian was anti-marriage

If we closely look at his Instagram with 33 million followers, he is quite a fan of very lavish lifestyle and his instagram is filled with thousands of girls partying with him and in the year 2014 he gave a statement that was anti-marriage “If you are thinking about getting married, just remember, one v*###a for the rest of your life… Not smart.”

So what happened now? The 41-year-old playboy has changed his mind?

As Dan shared the picture on his social media it became viral in seconds and some people were congratulating him and some were speculating that this is just a publicity stunt or some new project.

Sofia Bevarly and Dan’s relationship

Over the years Dan has been captured with a number of women but none of his relationships stood for a long time. His recent link-up rumor came with Sofia Bevarly who is also a popular influencer on social media with 1.9 Million followers, but the woman in the viral picture is not Sofia Bevarly.

Netizens reaction on this post

Many people congratulated Dan but many people made funny comments, but one of the strangest comments came from former game of throne star and training partner of Dan Bilzerian,  Thor Björnsson who commented “Congratulations! This will be inspiring for many young men out there!”.

While one user commented “Congrats on going to a wedding”.

Another user commented “I don’t believe you.”

Most of the people think it is just a prank but Dan hasn’t made any confirmation about it yet so most probably this could be a joke but never know!

Dan on Instagram:


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A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian)

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