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Extraction 2

Thor (2011) fame Christopher Hemsworth aka Chris is all set to appear again in the 2020 Netflix action-thriller film Extraction’s sequel.

The director Sam Hargrave in Nov 2021 gave an update about the film through his social media account, where he shared that the production of the Extraction 2 has been commenced and he wrapped up the Day 1 shoot already.

The whole shooting was wrapped up in April 2022, and the film is reportedly in the post-production phase.


Talking about the Extraction, It was premiered on the giant streaming platform on 24 April 2020, where Tyler Rake (Chris) a former special service operator who later turned into a black-ops mercenary goes in a contract to Dhaka, Bangladesh to save a drug lord child while at the climax, Tyler Rake, got shot in the neck and falls in River.

He is all set to back in the sequel, where he reportedly will extract a family who is at the mercy of a Georgian Gangster. He is said to be infiltrating the world’s deadliest prisons, where notorious criminals are filled. further in the heat of battle when the antagonist dies, Jake faces his more ruthless brother.

Release Date of Extraction 2

Extraction when first released it had become Netflix’s one of the most viewed films crossing 99 million(In Hindi 9.9 crores) households just in 4 weeks. Following the popularity makers later announced its sequel.

Now, with the shooting end in April, and post-production work is ongoing, we expect that Netflix will release Extraction 2, after the premiere of their highly anticipated film The Gray Man.

Thereby it is most likely to be released on the platform in the third quarter of the year 2022.

Netflix Premiere: (July-Sept) 2022

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Star Cast of Extraction 2

There is not so much information about the star cast, Cris Hemsworth will reprise his role again as Jake, and Sammy Jonas Heaney will play the character of a soldier. It is made under the banner of AGBO, in association with Netflix and T.G.I.M Films. Golshifteh Farahani will be seen playing the role of the partner of the protagonist Tyler (Nik Khan).

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Is there Extraction 3, 4 on the way?

According to Hargrave The Behind the Scenes teams are the same as Extraction, talking about his further plans on Extraction sequels he said that he will stop here and let other filmmakers sail the boat of the Extraction franchise in his words he said, “There’s a Lot Of Other Talented Filmmakers Out There who Would have very Unique visions and Would Bring Something New and fresh to The franchise That I Would Be excited to See as a Fan.” Extraction is based on the Novel Ciudad.

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