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Bigg Boss 15: Who is Ieshan Sehgaal? Know everything about the hunk

Ieshaan Sehgaal/ Insta

The premiere episode of Bigg Boss 15 was aired on 2 Oct, Sunday night where Ranveer Singh along with host Salman Khan was on stage.

Before entering the house  Salman Khan also talked with Bigg Boss OTT runner-up contestants Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Nishant Bhatt and they also entered the main house of Bigg Boss 15.

Three of them have been given special powers and immunity and only one of them can be the house captain for now. Bigg Boss 15 has started and  BB fans are more than excited to see what all the contestants are going to do to survive the show.

Many of the contestants have been trending on social media even before the show. Fit and handsome Ieshan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer romance is the big trending news of this season, they never shy to kiss and cuddle with each other but it seems to end so soon.

Ieshan Sehgaal is a handsome hunk who is an actor, a model, and a famous social media personality. In J.A.I (Jet Airways International) he worked as a crew member. He has done singles like Pagalpan, Viah, and many others.

He is 27 years old, completed his primary education in his hometown, Delhi, went to Mumbai in 2014, and then he tried modeling and established a career in this field. He is a fitness freak and he always maintains his fitness at a great level.

He was seen on MTV called ‘FANAAH’. Now he is planning for the films, Ishaan Sehgal is all ready to launch in his next project titled “Ishq Uncensored” which is produced by Sandeep Singh,  Anuraadha Tewari is the director.

He is now in Bigg Boss 15 and is the first person to be nominated to go out of the house. It happened when Donal and Ishan were in the jungle and Bigg Boss gave them a task either both can get nominated or one can get nominated and the other one can be saved.

Donal asked Ishan to return the favor she did on the stage where she had to choose the person based on performance and she chose Ishaan and she played fair, according to her.

Ishan got into her words and nominated himself and this is trending because according to Netizens Donal played with Ishaan and saved herself.

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