6 Indian Celebs Who Eat Beef: Ranbir Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut to Kajol

Indian celebs who eat beef

As we know cow slaughter and eating beef is a controversial topic in India, as it is considered a sacred animal in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism while for other religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism, it is considered an acceptable source of meet.

Cow slaughter has been shunned for a number of reasons, especially because of its association with Lord Krishna and because cattle have been an integral part of real livelihood. That is why cow slaughter is banned in 20 out of 28 states of India while Goa, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Pondicherry, Kerala, Arunachal, West Bengal and North Eastern States.

Hence, most of the people, especially those who belong to Hindu community in the country avoid eating beef, whereas some despite being a practicing Hindu, have it. So, that is why this topic often sparks big controversies when a section of the community consider it a sin, others call it the right of their choice.

Not only the common man but also many big celebs of the film fraternity have also faced criticism for being a beefeater. Here is the list of celebrities who accepted that they were or are beef eaters.

1- Ranbir Kapoor

Let’s start with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor who has been in news for the past few months due to his upcoming release Brahmatra, directed by Ayan Mukerji and starring his wife Alia Bhatt opposite him.

The team is leaving no stone unturned to promote their film and recently, the star duo along with director Ayan Mukerji were on their visit to Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple to seek blessing of Lord for their film.

However, things took a bad turn when people gathered to protest outside the temple and stop the duo from entering the temple, after an old video clip of Ranbir got viral on social media in which he said that he is a meat lover and a “Big Beef Guy”, went viral.

The whole incident made them return to the airport without doing the holy darshan, while Ayan Mukerji and the rest of the team of Brahmastra, went to the temple for Darshan.

2- Rishi Kapoor

Not only Ranbir Kapoor but once his father- late legendary actor Rishi Kapoor also faces criticism after he called himself a “Beef eating Hindu”. Back in 2015, when the Maharashtra government banned beef in the state, several celebs expressed their opinion regarding this issue and one of them was Rishi Kapoor.

The veteran actor, in a series of tweets did attempt to separate religion and food but by then, the trolls on social media started attacking him. The actor’s tweet in which he said that he did eat beef, but not in the country, received a lot of hatred. He clarifies his statement and said that he ate cattle, especially bred elsewhere in the world for food but not killed Gau Mata.

3- Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood’s queen Kangana Ranaut who is known for her bold statements and fearless attitude, which most of the time led to controversies, also confessed during an interview in the past that she was a beef eater.

Back in 2019, while the verbal spat between Kangana and Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar was taking an intense mode, some netizens posted an old interview of Kangana saying that she had tried beef because her mother had asked her to refrain from it. 

During the interview, the actress said that the day she left home, her mother told her to make a promise that she would not eat beef because “we are Hindus”. Kangana further said that after that she was very eager to try it. So she tried it, she loved it and since then she was a regular beef eater.

However, few years ago, she from being a hardcore non-vegetarian, switched to vegetarianism and became a dietary vegan. The actress revealed that turning vegan made a huge difference to her well being.

4- Kajol

Veteran actress Kajol, who once ruled the Bollywood industry with her charm and boldness, also faced controversy after she posted a video of a beef dish that her friend had prepared. As soon as the post went viral the actress faced a lot of criticism and hate comments.

However, after facing the trolls, she deleted that video and even posted a clarification that she did not eat beef  but legally available buffalo mea and it was not her intention to hurt religious sentiments.

5- Vivek Agnihotri

As actor Ranbir Kapoor is facing backlash for his old video in which he called himself a big beef guy, now another video has gone viral on twitter, in which The Kashmir Files director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri can be heard saying he eats beef.

The video was shared by Kapoor fans in which the filmmaker is saying that he has also written the best beef you get where. “I have written so many things, I used to eat it then, I used to eat it now, nothing has changed in my life”.

Another user shared a picture of Vivek Agnihotri in a temple and said that he also eats beef then why is he allowed?

6- Surbhi Lakshmi 

Popular National award-winning Malayalam actress Surbhi Lakshmi faced a lot of abuse on social media after a TV program showing her eating beef was aired on Onam day, back in 2017. On the show she was shown enjoying Kerala Parotta with beef fry.

However, that actress later came up with an explanation that it is very common in the northern part of Kerala to have non-veg on special occasions. She also revealed that the abuse started after she shared a photograph. 

Some wrote that she should celebrate the next Onam with Pork while another commented she should change her name as it doesn’t suit her actions. People also wrote that the picture made the clear agenda of the channel and her behind eating beef.

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