Into The Wild: Ajay Devgn in Bear Grylls’s show, Where & When to Watch

Into The Wild ft. Ajay Devgn and Bear Grylls

Ajay Devgn with Bear Grylls in his survival skills reality show ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’ which streaming online now. Before Ajay, Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar were among those Indian actors who had also featured in his show.

The teaser of this survival reality show has been recently released where Ajay is seen surfing a boat with Bear in the Indian Ocean. Reportedly the filming of the episode was shot in Sept in the Maldives where his team and his son Yug also accompanied him.

Ajay uploaded the teaser of the upcoming episode on his official Twitter handle and wrote in the caption, ‘They say you will never know until you go and so I did!, further about the show that what they gonna do in, he wrote, “Exploring the uninhabited islands of the Indian Ocean with Bear Grylls ‘Yeh koi Khel Nhi Hai Bro’  he added.

Teaser Review of Into the wild with Bear Grylls show

The 50-second teaser video shows the actor is struggling in the ocean, as he said in the voiceover the Game is for players, this is a stage for the Bravehearts. Grylls is seen advising Ajay that if he comes close to sharks, stay calm.

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Apart from this, Bear Grylls’s candid conversation with Ajay about family, career, and life will also gonna be featured in the main episode.

Bear Grylls reaction to working with Ajay Devgn

Bear Grylls reaction on Ajay after the shooting of the episode he said the actor, “showed total commitment to do what we needed to get out in one piece”.talking about his candid conversation with the actor, he further stated, “He was also incredibly honest, sharing so many insights into his life and career and I value that honesty so much.” about his character he said, “one thing I’ve learnt about Ajay is he is a quietly spoken man, but he is a man with great love and strength in his heart.”

Ajay reaction to Bear Grylls and his show

on the other hand, Ajay Devgn shared his experience of the show he said,” This my first ever expedition into the wild, and I can tell you it wasn’t child’s play! My father was an action director and in my career span of 30 years in the Indian industry, I have had the fortune to play several roles including some dangerous action ones too. and, this was one of those times when I had to put those learnings to the test again. I’m so glad this opportunity came my way, it helped me explore and go beyond my comfort zone.”

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and about Bear Grylls, the actor further said, ” A special salute to Bear who has been inspiring millions to explore and develop a much-needed relationship with nature, and of course to keep me safe in the wild. From hungry jungles to the depths of the ocean, Bear knows it all!.”

Into the Wild with Bear Grylls & Ajay Devgn episode Release Date

Many prominent personalities had also featured earlier in ‘into the wild with Bear Grylls’ show like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Roger Federer, Julia Robert, Kate Winslet, Zack Efron, etc.

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The show will premiere on streaming app Discovery+ on 22 October, Friday at 6 AM, and on Discovery Channel and Discovery Network, it will be telecasted on 25 October Monday at 8 PM.

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