The Real Truth Behind Karan Johar Gay or Not?

Star Director and Producer Karan Johar aka KJo, nowadays is busy hosting Bigg Boss OTT which is streaming on the Voot platform. He is always been in news about his sexual orientation, in fact, the most searched question about him on Google is “Is Karan Johar Married?” here we will talk what are the facts and what are rumors about KJo’s sexuality. Is he Gay or Not?

Karan Johar at the age of 48 is the father of twins a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Yash (after KJo’s father’s name) and a girl named Roohi ( it is the rearrangement of KJo’s mother’s name Hiroo). He became the father of twins in 2017 through surrogacy. The filmmaker turns TV host for Bigg Boss OTT, setting good TRP ahead of Bigg Boss 15.

Hints From The Past

KJo has always been very candid, whatever questions have been asked of him. He never talked on public platforms about his sexual preference directly. Although he had hinted about it in the past on few platforms like AIB roast and in his own show ‘Koffee With Karan’ with Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna.

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Karan Johar’s Concerns to talk about his Sexual Orientation in India

Karan Johar has given a reason on why he doesn’t and can’t talk about his sexuality on public platforms in his own Autobiography “An Unsuitable Boy” the book he has written with Poonam Saxena. He wrote  “Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won’t only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this.”

Karan further went on to write about the regressive approach and homophobia in our country. And the daily abuse he read on social media about him especially on Twitter quoted as saying “I have become like the poster boy of homosexuality in this country. But honestly, I have no problem with people saying what they want about me. Twitter has the most abuse. I wake up to at least 200 hate posts saying, ‘Get out, you’re polluting our nation, you’re dirtying society’ or ‘Shove [IPC Section] 377 up your arse.’ I get this on a daily basis and I’ve learned to laugh it off”.

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Karan Johar’s Reaction on Abrogation of Section 377

The Filmmaker Karan Johar aka KJo was very happy when the Supreme Court of India had abrogated section 377 of IPC on 6 September 2018. He tweeted “Historical judgment!!!! So proud today! Decriminalizing homosexuality and abolishing #Section377 is a huge thumbs up for humanity and equal rights! The country gets its oxygen back!”

Relationship Between Shah Rukh Khan And Karan Johar

He has also cleared all the rumors about his and Shah Rukh Khan’s relationship in the book quoted as “For heaven’s sake, for years there were rumors about Shah Rukh and me. And I was traumatized by it. I was on a show on a Hindi channel, and I was asked about Shah Rukh.’Yeh Anokha Rishta Hai Aap Ka,’ the interviewer said. He worded it in such a way that I got really angry. I said, ‘If I asked you if you are sleeping with your brother, how will you feel?’ So he said, ‘What do you mean? How can you ask me this question?’ I said, ‘How could you ask me this question? For me, no matter what ups and downs Shah Rukh and I have been through, he is a father figure, an older brother to me. For me to look at him in that way or be subjected to those rumors was just ridiculous.”

There was a time when Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar’s brotherhood was in doubt, rumors spread in new, even controversial self-proclaimed movie critic Kamaal Rashid Khan congratulate them after the Abrogation of Section 377. The conclusion is that Karan Johar is gay but never opened about his partners.

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