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Koffee With Karan Season 7 Ep 2 Highlights: Sara and Janhvi reveal lot of unheard stories

Sara Janhvi Friendship Ep 2 Koffee With Karan

The second episode of Koffee With Karan season 7 finally went live with Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi  Kapoor. And the episode was full of Laughter and revelations, both Sara and Janhvi did reveal a lot about their personal and professional life.

After Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in Season 1 on 7th of July, Besties Sara Ali Khan Janhvi Kapoor came to the show on 14th of July at 7 PM.

They also revealed how their friendship bloomed on a Goa trip. But the highlight of the episode was definitely Sara Ali Khan simping over Vijay Deverakonda and most of the time in the episode they kept on talking about him.

Karan started the episode and shared how the friendship between his guests surprises him and today he will be testing whether they are actually good friends or just good actors.

How Janhvi and Sara became such good friends

The episode started with how Janhvi and Sara became good friends on a Goa trip and how they were woken till 8 AM in the morning, Sara and Janhvi also shared about how they almost died in a mountain during their Kedarnath trip.

Janhvi called out Sara for Booking Cheap Hotel

Janhvi also called out Sara for booking Cheap Hotel with no heater as it was so cold there and Sara kept on correcting the details that she saved twelve thousand on it.

Janhvi and Sara about how they spend their Pandemic

Janhvi and Sara talked about how they spend their lockdown, Sara shared how she had anxiety during the pandemic while Janhvi revealed how pandemic helped her and her family to come closer and how they spent more time together after her mother Sridevi’s sudden demise, And she also shared how her life was when her mother was around and now.

Sara Ali Khan on her ex

Karan also asked Sara about her ex (referring to Kartik Aryan) and to this question Sara replied he is everyone’s ex to this statement Janhvi seemed shocked and her expressions were worth a watch.

Sara Ali Khan on whom she would like to date

Karan also asked Sara about whom she would like to date  at first she refused to answer but then she said she would like to date South actor Vijay Deverakonda and Janhvi kapoor sitting next to her can’t stop giggling on Sara’s answer which was also seen in the promo of the show.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Finsta Accounts on Instagram

In Bingo round Sara and  Janhvi talked about the things they have done and Janhvi accidentally revealed she have some finsta accounts and one of them has the name ‘bholi si surat’ and then she tried to play it off as a joke, but I guess it did not work.

Janhvi wants Aditya Roy Kapoor to be a stripper

In the rapid fire round Janhvi revealed that she wants Aditya Roy Kapoor to be the stripper on her Bachelorette Party and she also revealed that she stocks Himesh Reshamiya’s account for meme content.

But Sara Ali Khan won the round with 72% Votes for her witty jokes.

Sara And Janhvi on how women in Bollywood cannot peak into careers after a certain age

Both Sara and Janhvi pointed out the fact that women in Bollywood cannot peek into their careers after a certain age. Whereas the actors in bollywood who are in their 40s or 5Os are still playing the lead.

Overall the episode was very entertaining and witty and both the ladies looked beautiful and they definitely passed the vibe check.

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