Lost in Space Season 3: OTT Release Date, Plot, Star Cast, Teaser Trailer & More

Lost In Space 3

The final season of the science fiction survival series, Lost in Space season 3 is all set to come this December, after its production ended on Jan 14, 2021.

It is an adaptation of the 1965 show Lost in Space. Irwin Allen created this series. Season 3 or The final Season will be the sequel of an earlier season which was released in Dec 2019.

The series is set in the year 2046 where a group of people is going to explore space in the quest of the new habitable planet as their own planet is uninhabitable because an asteroid hits onto it, it is called an impact event.

Matt Sazama along with Burk Sharpless wrote the show. the two seasons of Lost in Space are consist of 20 episodes, 10 episodes for each show. the upcoming season would also be of 10 episodes.

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Star Cast of Lost in Space Season 3

The series explores Robinson’s family space mission where Maureen and John Robinson are husband-wife, they have three kids namely, Will, Judy, and Penny Robinson.

Maureen Johnson is an aerospace engineer who is taking her family to another habitable planet near the Alpha century solar system after her own planet got inhabitable owing to an impact event. This show is a must-watch for those who have an interest in Space Science, as it shows the future probability of humans residing on other planets.

it also features Ignacio Serrichio a smuggler, Parker Posey as a criminal, Brian Steele is an alien Robot, Ajay Friese is the B.f of Penny Robinson, Sibongibe Mlambo is an engineer.

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OTT Release Date

It will premiere worldwide(including India) on the streaming platform Netflix on 1 Dec 2021. till then you can watch online all the 20 episodes of two seasons of the Lost in Space series, it is available on Netflix.

Sam McCurdy is the cinematographer of the show, who is getting a lot of appreciation for the visuals and special effects in the teaser of the show.

Lost in Space Season 3 Teaser & Trailer

The Teaser Trailer of the show was released on 7 Oct 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. it has crossed 16 lakh plus views with 49k likes in it. The trailer has not been released yet, Distributor Netflix may release it by early Nov. viewers are excited to see this interstellar mission for one last time.

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The plot of Lost in Space Final Season

in the year 2046 after an asteroid hits the earth, that is gradually becoming uninhabitable, the Johnson family is selected for an interstellar mission of a nearer star system Alpha Centuri in spacecraft called Jupiter 2 to find a sustainably habitable planet in the 24th colonist mission called Resolute.

Further in the show, in the quest for a habitable planet, the Johnson family found aliens who prohibit them to explore the mission, meanwhile, their ship got crashed into a habitable planet, where they have to survive in a strange environment.

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