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Are Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri Married? Or end up like other Swayamvar couples

Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri

As Mika Singh’ swayamvar ‘Mika Di Vohti’ is finished and Mika has chosen her long time friend Akanksha Puri as her his Vohti, but there are several rumours that the show was scripted and Akanksha and Mika were dating for a long time.

Some viewers are even speculating that they will not get married in real life and it was just for entertainment. And in all the  history of these Swayamvers none of the people who got married in the show are together.

Be it Ratan Rajput, Rakhi Sawant, or Rahul Mahajan none of these people are together with their partners from Swayamvar. Akanksha Puri is very happy after winning the show, people are waiting for their official confirmation on the husband-wife relation, Akanksha has been shared several posts but Mika’s reaction is yet to come.

This is why people don’t trust on Swayamvar, they take it like just a Entertaining TV show:

Rakhi Sawant and Ilesh Parujanwala

Rakhi Sawant and Ilesh

Rakhi Sawant and Ilesh Parujanwala

The entertainment Queen Rakhi Sawant was the first celebrity to ever have a Swayamvar. In the year 2009 Rakhi did a show named “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar” to find his potential match and the winner of the first ever season was NRI businessman Ilesh Parujanwala, who was from Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

Apart from Ilesh Parujanwala, other two finalists of the show were  Manas Katyal and Chitiz Jain of New Delhi. It was claimed by the makers of the show that she will get married to the winner of the show but she got engaged with Ilesh Parujanwala, but they never got married and Ilesh went back to Canada. And Rakhi is currently dating businessman Adil.

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpmy Ganguly

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly

Rahul Mahajan was the second person to find his potential match through Swayamvar, Rahul did a show called “ Rahul Dulhaniya le Jayega” and the winner of the second was Dimpy Ganguly, who is from Kolkata and she is a model and  a television personality.

The show premiered in the year 2010 and apart from Dimpy Ganguly,Nikunj Malik of Faridabad and Harpreet Chabra of New Delhi were the 2 other finalists.

But this time Rahul and Dimpy got married in the show but their marriage only worked till the year 2015 and then they got separated because Dimpy accuses Rahul for domestic violence.

After divorce both Rahul and Dimpy moved on in their lives, where Dimpy found the love of life in Rohit Roy who is also her childhood friend and a businessman living in UAE and they got married and today they are a beautiful couple with 2 kids and Dimpy is pregnant with her third baby.

Rahul found his soulmate in Natalya who is russian by descent and they got married back in 2018 and they make a beautiful couple.

Ratan Rajput and Abhinav Sharma

Ratan Rajput who was famous for the show “Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Kijo”. In the year 2011, Ratan did a show named “Ratan ka Rishta” which premiered on Imagine TV. Abhinav Sharma is a Software Engineer by profession and he hails from Uttarakhand.


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Ratan and Abhinav were supposed to get married in the show but they just got engaged and after some time both got separated. When Ratan was asked about why she called off the engagement she reacted and said she can’t live in a forced relationship and their long distance relationship did not work out.

Ratan Raajputh and Abhinav Sharma

Ratan Raajputh and Abhinav Sharma

On the work front Ratan was seen in several series after her Swayamvar naming Dil se diya Vachan, Bigg Boss 7, Fear Files, Mahabharat, Vighnaharta Ganesh and Santoshi Maa.

Currently Ratan is active on her youtube channel and she often posts Vlogs and updates videos on her channel. There is no information available regarding Abhinav Sharma.

However, only time will tell, whether Mika and Akansha will get married or not.

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