PM Must Speak-up Against Hate Poison: Naseeruddin Shah on Remark Against Prophet

Naseeruddin Shah reacts on remarks against prophet

As India is facing harsh criticism from the Gulf Country and muslim’s around the world, over the controversial remark of ex-BJP leader Nupur Shama against Prophet Muhammad, veteran actor  Naseeruddin Shah also shared his thoughts.

On Wednesday, June 8, While giving an interview to a TV channel, the 71-year old actor said that the PM should step in and stop the poison. He appealed to PM Modi to knock some good sense into the people who are spreading hate by passing derogatory remarks against a religion.

Retreating the Government India’s statement calling those people fringe elements, Shah said that the lady (Nupur Sharma) that passed the derogatory remark against the Prophet is not a fringe element, she is a national spokesperson of the BJP.

The Action Taken by the Government was very little and too late

Commenting on Nupur Sharma’s and Naveen Jindal’s suspension from the party, the veteran said that the action taken by the Government of India was very little and too late. Further, he called Sharma’s apology after suspension “hypocrisy” and said that it was hardly a motive to pacify hurt feelings. In fact he said that he wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of hate creating thing happens agains.

Condemned the Murder threats to Nupur Sharma

The Sarfarosh actor also condemn the murder threats that Nupur Sharma and his family receiving after her remark. Shah gave the example of countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan and said that it happens only in countries like these, that is why there is so much chaos there and we don’t want to emulate these countries.

The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri takes a dig at his views:

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