Rocketry Twitter Reviews: An Inspiring Tale of a Genius, R Madhavan Nailed it as Nambi Narayanan

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Actor R. Madhavan starrer Rocketry: The Nambi  Effect has hit the theatre today on July 1, 2022. Based on the life journey of ISRO scientist and aerospace engineer Nambi Narayan, who was falsely accused of espionage, the film marks the directorial debut of R. Madhavan.

The film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect‘, announced in October 2018, is the biggest project of Madhavan till date. It was filmed simultaneously in Hindi, English and Tamil in several countries including India, Russia and France.

It premiered at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival this year on May 19, 2022,  and received a 10-minute standing ovation with the special praises for Madhavan’s direction and portrayal of Nambi’s character.

Backed by R. Madhavan’s Tricolour Films, the film has started running in theaters in English, Hindi, Tamil and dubbed Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada version and is getting an amazing response. Check the points mentioned below:

Script Analysis

The story span across rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan‘s days as a graduate student at Princeton University, before exploring his work as a scientist and the false charges of espionage upon him alleging that he gave the access of secret blueprints of the ISRO’s rocket engine to two Maldivian citizens, who then reportedly sold to Pakistan.

The film stars Nambi along with his family getting ready for a wedding but unfortunately it turned-out-to be tragic when his wife Meena gets sent away from the wedding and his children and beaten and humiliated in public and he gets arrested on espionage charges. Along with his family, he and his family had to suffer mental and physical trauma.

Cut to Suriya, who is seen in cameo appearances in the Tamil version and other South Indian dubbed versions, interviewing Nambi Narayan. In the Hindi version his role is played by superstar Shah Rukh Khan. 

The rest of the story unfolds in flashback as Madhavan as Nambi narrates about his passion for something exceptional for his country, his passion for space missions, and his achievements. However, one false charge changed his life completely and the nation failed an honest and patriotic person  like Nambi Narayan. 

Performance of the Star Cast

Talking about the performance of the star cast, R. Madhavan has given his 100% in the film to play the role of Nambi Narayan, he perfectly portrays all the emotions, betrayal, pain which Nambi went through. Simran as Nambi’s wife Meena Narayan perfectly portrays her role. 

Gulshan Grover played the role of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, in the Hindi and English versions Rajat Kapur played the role of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai while in Tamil version Ravi Raghavendra played that role.

Twitter Reviews

As Pan India has been released today, twitter is flooded with reviews and responses from the public as well as film critics. It has opened to highly positive reviews for all praises of the effort of R. Madhavan to bring the story of our Rocket genius Nambi Narayan.

This is not a film with unnecessary Masala and over-exaggerated scenes, but the story of a great son of India whose nation and its system fails him by charging him in false cases. 

The real life story of a genius from how he from being one of the great scientists of India who worked with several space geniuses like APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr, Vikram Sarabhai and many others, ended up being trapped in false accusations.

Actor Suriya played an effective cameo role in the film in Tamil and all other South Indian languages and left a great impact on screen. He also appeared in a cameo role as Rolex in megastar Kamal Haasan’s blockbuster film Vikram. 

In the Hindi and English version Shah Rukh played that cameo role. In our opinion the sensational real life-story deserves to be known and seen. People should watch it, not to get entertained but to get informed about the fact they don’t know till yet. 

Here are the reviews of some popular critics on Rocketry: The Nambi Effect:

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