Salman Khan was almost killed by sharpshooters, narrow escape

Salman Khan was Attacked

There is news circulating around all over social media which has shocked everyone. In a shocking incident, an attempt was made to kill Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan, just a few days after, his father received a letter with death threats to both of them.

Yes you heard it right!!, as per Mirror Now, a sharpshooter with a small-bore weapon in a modified hockey casing was placed outside the actor’s house, by Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, a prime suspect of the murder of Punjabi Singer and rapper Sidhu Moosewala.

The reports also alleged that Bishnoi and his men were tracking the actor’s movements and the sharpshooter was fully aware that the actor heads out to cycle around the neighborhood, without the company of a bodyguard.

He was stationed outside of the superstar’s Bandra home, Galaxy Apartment and was ready to kill Salman khan. However, he didn’t shoot the actor after noticing that he had police protection, as Salman, luckily, had security cover because he was attending a public event that day.

Mumbai Police Confirms Lawrence Bishnoi Gang Behind the Letter

Few days of ago, shortly after the gruesome murder of Sidhu Moosewala, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan received a letter threatening to kill him and Salman Khan. The letter had a message “Salim Khan, Salman Khan bahot jald tumhara Moose Wala kar denge (Soon you will face the same fate as Moosewala)”.

After this incident, the security of the actor and his family has been tightened. Now the Mumbai Police confirmed that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang was involved in the threat letter given to the veteran.

As per media reports, 3 people travelled from Jalore in Rajasthan to Mumbai to deliver the letter. During an interrogation of accused Siddhesh Hiraman Kamble aka Mahakal, a member of Lawrence Bishnoi Gang, Police found that Bishnoi’s aide Vikram Barad delivered the letter, issued by Bishnoi himself, to Salim Khan

Lawrence Bishnoi’s Open Death Threat to Salman Khan

Earlier, in 2018, Lawrence Bishnoi openly threatened Salman Khan in an interaction with journalists outside court where he had been brought for a hearing in Jodhpur. While giving the interview he said that we will kill Salman Khan due to his link in the Black buck case. The Bishnoi community see blackbuck as sacrosanct.

More than two dozen charges of murder and extortion have been filed against the gangster. However, He is currently in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, as per sources, he runs the gang from inside the Jail. His gang is becoming a major issue for authorities in states like Punjab, Delhi, Haryana as well as Rajasthan. 

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