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Sammathame and Chor Bazaar Box Office Report: Fares well among 9 new releases

Sammathamme Chor Bazaar Box Office

There were 9 new movies that were released on the weekend at the box office Telugu like Darja, 7 Days 6 Nights, Gangster Gangarraju, Sammathame, Chor Bazaar, Pellikuturu Party etc. If Tollywood BO trackers are to be believed, among these new releases only two films Sammathame and Chor Bazaar fare well at the box office.

Below we are discussing the box office reports of both these new releases and their chance of becoming a box office success.


Sammathame was opened with mixed reviews from the critics, they bashed the writing but praised the climax sequence of the film. It was screened in over 220 theatres in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana. The film had a decent opening weekend, so far it did the business of Rs (Rs 2.10 Cr shares) 3.55 Cr gross worldwide.

The breakeven target for the film was set at Rs 4.50 Cr and it now needs Rs 2.40 Cr to BE, if it holds well on the weekdays, there are chances, that it can earn itself the clean hit tag.

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Chor Bazaar

Romantic fame Akash Puri starrer Chor Bazaar, which was released in 440+ theatres in the Telugu-speaking states, is also doing well at the box office. It is being praised for the camera work and Akash Puri’s performance, mass audiences are enjoying the flick. The story, unnecessary scenes, and irregular narration are negative points of the film.

So far, Chor Bazaar has accumulated Rs 1.85 Cr gross worldwide. The small film overall business was valued at Rs 3.50 Cr and it needs Rs 2.88 Cr more to enter into the profit phase. Only time will tell if it rakes in that amount or not, for this it needs to hold really well on the weekdays.

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Disclaimer: The above figures are based on various sources and our meticulous research, however, doesn’t guarantee the equivalent collections, though we have done everything possible in our capability to provide the precise data.

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