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10 Famous South Indian Actors who died young

Famous South Actors Died Young
Famous South Actors Died Young

Death is the ultimate truth but it’s hurt when someone passes away before her/his age. If we talk about Cinema, people fall in love with the actors whom they watch on screens and follow them in their lives.

Some iconic films and fashion styles from them followed by the masses. Some actors create magic and get love unconditionally from the fans or audiences because of their roles in movies. Some crazy fans consider their favorite stars like their own family member.

Here we are listing these very popular actors from the South Indian Cinema whose sudden demise left everyone in huge shock. Recently, Kannada power star Puneeth Kumar’s death numbs countless fans.


Famous Indian TV Actors Who Died Young

Famous Bollywood Actors Who Died Young

1- Sri Hari

Raghumudri Srihari also known as Sri Hari was born in 1964, Andhra Pradesh. He mainly worked in the Tollywood cinema, he has also appeared in a few Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi cinema though. Hari married in 1996 to a popular South Indian Actress Shanti aka Disco Shanti, they both had three children, a daughter and two sons, their daughter Akshara died when she was just four months old.

Sri Hari

Sri Hari

In 2013 Sri Hari during the shoot of romantic action R. Rajkumar complained of dizziness and was rushed to Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, later the actor passed away at the age of 49 owing to suffering from a liver ailment.

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2- Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneeth Rajkumar Dies of Heart Attack

Puneeth Rajkumar

Sandalwood cinema superstar Puneeth Rajkumar has recently died due to a cardiac arrest on 29 October, whole nation moaned with pain after hearing his demise news, even PM Modi gave condolences to his family & dear ones through a tweet. The actor was just 46 yrs old, His body was kept for the public view for three days, Reportedly 25 lakh plus people came to attend his funeral. C.M Bommai also attended his state funeral with other leaders.

3- Raghuvaran



Raghuvaran Velayutham was the known name of his time, He has worked in around 200 plus movies combinedly in all Indian cinema, the actor was born in 1958 in Kerala, was known for his unique acting and the voice modulation in between the acting. The actor passed away in March 2008 due to organ failure owing to excessive consumption of alcohol.

4- Aarthi Agarwal

Aarthi Agarwal was born in 1984 in New Jersey, the U.S to a Gujarati family, she began her acting career in Bollywood in the 2001 film romantic Paagalpan, Further, she worked in many movies in Tollywood cinema, The actress was at its peak of stardom when her unfortunate demise happened.

Aarthi Agarwal

Aarthi Agarwal

She passed away in June 2015 at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, New Jersey. her manager stated the cause of her death was a heart attack, though the actress had undergone liposuction surgery 6 weeks before and had a grave breathing problem prior to her death. Her Movie Aame Evaru? was released posthumously.

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5- Uday Kiran

Uday Kiran

Uday Kiran

Vajapeyajula Uday Kiran began his acting career from the Telugu film Chitram(2000) after that the actor gave two other back-to-back hits, Nuvu Nenu and Manasantha Nuvve, due to which his name had been established as a Hat-trick Hero in south cinema. The actor was born in June 1980 in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. In Jan 2014 at the age of 33, the actor died by suicide. He was so popular that a fan of his reportedly committed suicide after he heard the news of the actor’s demise.

6- Venu Madhav

South Actor Venu Madhav

South Actor Venu Madhav

One of the most famous south Indian comedians Venu Madhav was born in Telangana, The actor started his acting career from the 1996 film Sampradayam, but he made his name from the 1997 film Master starring Chiranjeevi. He passed away in Sept 2019 at Yashoda Hospital, Telangana, owing to kidney & liver failure.

7- Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha

Vijayalaskhmi Vadlapatla also known as Silk Smitha was born in Dec 1960, Andhra Pradesh. She worked for 17 yrs in Indian cinema including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Kannada cinema, in which she has acted in around 450 movies. She died in Sept 1996 by committing suicide. A successful Hindi film named The Diry Picture (2011) starring Vidya Balan was inspired by her life.

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8- Yasho Sagar

Yasho Sagar

Bharath aka Yasho Sagar predominantly worked in Telugu cinema. He started his acting career from the 2008 film Ullasamga Utsahamga & after just four years of his career on 25 Dec 2012, The budding actor died in a car accident which took his two other friends lives.

9- Savitri



Savitri Ganesan was born in Dec 1935, Andhra Pradesh. She predominantly worked in Tollywood and Kollywood cinemas. In 1952 she got the major role of a supporting actress in the Telugu film called Pelli Chesi Choodu. She married in the same year with the actor Gemini Ganesan. She was in a coma for Nineteen months, after that she passed away on 26 Dec 1981, aged 46.

10- Soundarya


One of the most known actresses of 90’s Soundarya mainly worked in Tollywood cinema, though she also did few films in other lang cinema also, was a national film awardee. She was born in Karnataka, started her acting career in the Kannada film Gandharva (1992), in a career span of twelve yrs, the actress appeared in more than a hundred films. She died in an aircraft crash in April 2004.

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