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Squid Game breaks all records on Netflix, all you need to know about series

Squid Game Series

Squid Game is a South Korean television series or drama streaming on Netflix. This amazing show is directed by Hwang-Dong- hyuk released on 17 September 2021 on Netflix worldwide.

The squid games story is based on a contest where 456 players, taken from different walks of life but one thing is common, all are in heavy debt, play no. of children’s games with heavy penalties for losing for the chance where they can win 45.6 billion prizes.

Hwang has shown the struggle of middle-class families and others with economies of their own in South Korea. In 2008 initially, the film was scripted, Hwang was unable to find a production to support the script.

In 2019, Netflix showed interest as part of their program to expand their foreign programming offerings. Hwang is a talented man, he wrote and directed all nine episodes himself and now Squid Game is streaming on Netflix.

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Trending on Netflix

Squid Game has received a lot of praises and generally positive reviews.

Squid Game is the  No. 1 show on Netflix right now in just a few weeks of streaming. It started streaming on Sept. 17, is a nine-episode series. Squid Game is the first-ever Korean series to hit the No. 1 spot on Netflix. It has reached the milestone of becoming no 1 in just four days after its release. It’s violent and aggressive, but addictive and watchable.

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Why should one watch Squid Games?

No doubt the show Squid Games has a dark theme and is highly violent. Playing children’s games turned into violent battles and it’s not for everyone. But the characters in the series are so fine and well-directed and the action moves so gracefully and everything is on point.

All the characters of the Squid games are introduced faster and smoothly, and then the games are going on. When you will watch an episode, you will be attached to the show for the next 8 episodes.

Is the story of Squid Game based on a Book?

The story is well characterized, by watching the series, it seems like it is based on a book. But the director of the Squid games Hwang said in an interview that the story is not based on any book, but it is based on a comic book he read once and he loves Survival games stories. He didn’t name the book. Usually, he reads a lot of different Comic books so it must be a mixture of many different books.

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Will there be a second season of Squid Games?

The director Hwang said he doesn’t have a well-developed plan for  Squid Games 2 for now, but he will think about it. If you have watched the series till the end, you may have questions left.

But there is a probable chance of the second season of the amazing and popular show Squid games.

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