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Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Collection Day 1: Cruise’s Aerial Film Saw a Huge Drop

Top Gun: Maverick Day 1 BOC

After Dr. Strange 2 another cinematic brilliance Hollywood film Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise has arrived in the cinemas to amaze you. The aerial action drama has got chock a block with positive reviews, since the day of the world premiere.

This long-awaited film serves as the sequel to the over 35 yrs old Top Gun (1986) starring Tom but it seems the film is to spell magic even after 36 yrs on the big screens.

Touted to be one of the widest ever release of the action star Tom Cruise, it is reported that the film has become the all-time number 1 theater count film in North America beating the Lion King. It is releasing in 4727 theatres.

Screen Counts

And reportedly it is being said that the film will be screened in around 1500-2000 theatres in India, however, how much truth in this news is only time will tell, the film will have to face clash here Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, audience and the exhibitors are favoring more the latter than the former.


Talking about the reviews, the aerial brilliance film is being praised for the rip-roaring action shots, Tom’s performance in the film is being said is one of his top performances, cinematography and the visuals which promised to awe-struck you.

Box Office Collection

Considering the advance bookings, the film could earn in the range of 100 to 125 million dollars (Rs 776 crore to Rs 970 crore) in the opening weekend worldwide.

As per the reports, in India Tom’s latest flick earned only Rs 4.25 Cr on the opening day, which is far below the expected opening weekend, the film was estimated to collect in the range of Rs 8 to 10 Cr.

Tom’s earlier outing had an opening of Rs 10 crores (Mission Impossible), this time it locks horns with the Bollywood film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and in south F3, the former film is churning out an already amazing collection at the box office and the latter film is garnering positive reviews from the critics.

The negative point for the Tom starrer is both the films are from different cinemas and the major market for Hollywood films are Mumbai, Delhi, and Nizam Ceeded areas where BB2 and F3 are ruling currently. That’s why Tom’s film saw a major dip on the first day.

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**Disclaimer: The above figures are based on various sources and our thorough research, however, doesn’t guarantee the equivalent box office collection, though we have done everything possible in our capability to provide the precise data.

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