What is Green Indian Challenge? Salman Khan accepted it and urges fans to join

Green India Challenge

Bollywood’s favourite “Bhai Jaan” requests his fans and everyone to be a part of the Green India Challenge with him and plant as many trees as they can plant and make the world green and beautiful.

Salman Khan is in Telangana for his upcoming movie shoot. He was shooting in the Ramoji Film City and the challenge Founder J Santosh Kuma asked him if he be part of the green India challenge he said yes and now planted trees and urged everyone to do the same.

With the company of MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar and the film crew, Salman Khan has planted a tree in Ramoji Film City on Wednesday 22nd June 2022. Now Salman Khan is part of the challenge and he is urging everyone to be happier and more interested in planting trees rather than cutting trees.

How green India challenge started?

The challenge was started and launched on July 17, 2018, by Member of Parliament Joginapally Santosh Kumar with the slogan  Hara Hain Tho Bara Hain (If it is green, it is complete).

The challenge was joined by a lot of celebrities and politicians and that was the reason that the challenge is still growing and the number of people are joining. The motive of the challenge is to make the world and environment more beautiful for today, tomorrow, and many more years.

Challenge first started at

The Green India challenge was first started in Telangana state capital Hyderabad with the motive to aware everyone that how important is it to plant trees. Joginapally Santosh Kumar is encouraging everyone to plant trees, plant saplings, water trees, safeguard the flora, and in nurturing Mother Nature.

Actor Salman Khan is happy after planting the tree and appreciated the MP For starting his amazing initiative that is making the environment more natural. Salman Khan also tells the fan about the importance of planting tree and connects tree with water as he said where there is a tree, you will have water.

Santosh Kumar thanked the Bollywood star for agreeing to participate in the Green India Challenge. He believes Salman’s effort to plant new trees will motivate millions of his fans.

Mr. Khan valued the politician’s efforts to make the state greener, saying it was an honor to be a part of such a mission. He stated that it is everyone’s role to plant saplings and grow them to maturity. He also discussed how the nation was facing floods and human loss as a result of the loss of greenery.

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