Who is Alexandra Daddario’s husband Andrew? Age gap, photos & more

Alexandra Daddario and husband Andrew

The famous saying “Age is just a number” is true because two very famous American celebrities married with a 17-year age gap as the very known actress from the Baywatch movie Alexandra Daddario is 17 years younger than her husband Andrew Form.

Alexander’s husband Andrew was first married to the very fast and the furious actress Jordana Brewster who he met in 2005 but after 13 years of a successful marriage, they both got separated as they both have very different schedules and also due to some personal issues.

About Alexandra ‘s Husband

Andrew form was born on 3 February 1969 in New York and is of 53 years now (2022). He started his career as a producer assistant in Hollywood and after doing hard work he became a very known film producer.

He is one of the top American film producers and tv producers, very much known for films like Friday the 13th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Purge. Apart from being a producer, he is also co-founder of three very famous companies which are Platinum Dunes with Michael Bay and Brad Fuller.

Andrew first got engaged to Jordana on 4 November 2006 and then get married on 6 May 2007. They filed for divorce in 2020 and after a few months in June 2021 finally got separated. Andrew is the father of 2 sons with her ex-wife.

Andrew Form 2nd marriage

Andrew form got married to Alexandra Daddario on 30th June 2022 in New Orleans. The couple has informed that one day in April 2021 both were very drunk and decided to get married so in August 2021 both got engaged.

On 2 December 2021, they officially informed everyone about their engagement and relationship by posting a post on Instagram.

The actress also revealed that they were planning to marry in Italy at first, but after visiting New Orleans for a friend’s wedding and falling in love with the place, they decided to marry there instead.

The actress also expressed her desire to drink Italian wine, but she was only going to Italy for a vacation. Alexandra’s wedding photos, known for her role in the film White Lotus, have gone viral on the internet, and fans are adoring them.

The actress recently married Andrew, and they both wore the same color clothes to their wedding, as they have posted pictures on their social media accounts.

Wedding Photos from their Insta profiles


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