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Who is Hunter Moore? Probably the Most Hated Man on Internet

Hunter Moore

Global OTT giant Netflix on July 27, 2022, premiered a jaw-dropping 3 part documentary-series titled The Most Hated Man on the Internet. It covers thes story of Hunter Moore’s revenge porn website Is Anyone Up?

The series focuses on the story of Charlotte Laws, a mother of one of many victims whose explicit pictures were displayed by Moore’s site, without her consent. Moore self-styled himself as the King Of Revenge Porn.

After founding the notorious website, Moore gained a following for posting explicit photos of numerous men and women, often without their consent. To unravel this story Netflix has come up with the 3-part series.

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Who is Hunter Moore?

Moore was born in March 1986 and was raised in Woodland, California. It is said that he was also expelled from his school named Woodland Christian School during his adolescence.

In 2010, he started a website, which was originally intended to be a nightlife website. However, things changed later, when he and friends received explicit images of women they were dating.

Moore started uploading these images to his site along with links to the women’s social media profiles. However these women claimed that all this was being done without their consent and some even claimed that the photos had been hacked from their personal computers.

For all these notorious works, Moore was called “the most hated man on the internet” by the San Francisco-based monthly magazine “Rolling Stone”, which focuses on music, politics and popular culture.

Where is Moore Now?

Moore was release from the prison in 2017 and since then he keep himself away form the limelight. However, he had worked on a few special projects over the past decades. In 2017, he release a single titled Make The Internet Great Again.

He also released a book titled Is Anyone Up?, which was release in 2018. In terms of social presence he keeps a low profile. He is actually banned from Facebook and Instagram. Recently, his twitter account was also suspended permanently.

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