Who is Jainil Bathyal? Gulabi Aankhen Viral kid grown up, photos & facts

Jainil Bathyal

You may have heard it many times that today’s children are born talented. Well we can say that it is true to some extent as technology played an important role in this abrupt change.

Today we all depend on technology whether for education, entertainment or other things. So for children who have grown up in today’s environment, it becomes common to get influenced by what they are seeing in their surroundings.

Especially when it comes to singing or dancing, India and its talented kids need no introduction. Entertainment is so deeply rooted in our country that even  a small kid can be seen humming and dancing.

We see numerous videos of these small, talented kids dancing, singing or doing other stuff going viral on the internet. It takes a blink of an eye to viral a video on the internet, it is a positive thing as well because people recognise the hidden talent of children.

About Jainil Bathyal

Few months ago, a video of a cute kid named Jainil Bathyal singing the song ‘Gulabi Aankhein Jo Teri Dekhi’ went viral on social media, and people just couldn’t get enough of the cuteness, innocence and talent of this little one. The video went viral all over the social media  and was shared a thousand times by social media users.

Jainil Bathyal is from Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand who became an overnight sensation via that viral video. When the video went viral he was just 4, however, now the grown up kid is a passionate singer who also has an Instagram account by name Jainil Bathyal (JOY).

We can see him singing songs as well as playing piano by himself in all his posts. Little Jainil enjoys over 26K followers on Instagram and often posts videos of him singing as well as some travel blogs and cute videos with his little sister. Have a look:

About the Viral Video

In the video, the then 4 year old Jainil can be seen in the classroom standing near his teacher, who can be heard asking him to sing a song following which the kids started singing Mohammad Rafi’s iconic “Gulabi Aankhein Jo Teri Dekhi” song.

He remembered the lyrics of the song very well and most importantly his voice is really sweet. While singing he suddenly stops and tells his teacher “Ma’am I had a toothache” and also shows  it by opening his mouth after which the teacher said “Gao na yar”.

His innocence and cuteness stole all the hearts on social media. In Jan 2022, IAS Avneesh Sharan also shared that video on his Twitter handle.

Jainil is Little Rockstar on social media:

Isn’t so cute, Jainil with his lil sis Annie:

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