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Who is Jennifer Pamplona? Spent 4.7 Cr to look like Kim Kardashian, 95 Lakh for original avatar

Jennifer Pamplona

A former Brazilian Versace model Jennifer Pamplona, spends almost Rupees 4.7 crore on cosmetic surgeries to look like American television and social media influencer Kim Kardashian, and spent almost Rupees 95 Lakh to look like her original self.

Who is Jennifer Pamplona ?

Jennifer Pamplona is a Brazilian model, who was born in São Paulo city of Brazil on August 28, 1992.  She has also modeled for  luxury fashion brand Versace.

She has also worked in a documentary named, “Addiction”, which focuses on the downside of cosmetic surgeries.

She got attention when she dated Celso Santebañes, who also spends thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries to look like a classic doll, but unfortunately  he died at age of 20 because of cancer in his leg which was caused due to an infection from fillers.

The Versace model had her first surgery at the age of 17 and since then she had undergone 40 cosmetic  procedures over the period of 12 years.

Jennifer back in 2015, Instagram Photo:


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Why does Jennifer Pamplona wanted to look like Kim Kardashian?

Jennifer Pamplona, who was 17 at the  time, wanted to become one of the A-list stars and gain popularity. She wanted to look like Kim Kardashian because she was her inspiration. And at that time Kim Kardashian was just gaining popularity.

Why does she want to become her own self now?

Jennifer Pamplona revealed that she was suffering from body dysmorphia and she never liked her body and she felt upset about it.

She also revealed that People would call her a Kardashian and it started to get annoying and she was only being recognised because she looked like a Kardashian.


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How did she get back to her original self?

With the help of a physician in Istanbul, she returned to her original self by paying a hefty amount of Rupees 95 lakh  for her “detransition”.

She also revealed that she had many  problems after her latest surgeries because her  cheeks did not stop bleeding for three days straight.

The model believes that the painful procedure was worth it since she finally got her identity back. She is slowly  making progress towards her recovery, but still has Bruises and swelling.


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What is her next step?

Jennifer is also working on a documentary titled Addiction which will showcase  the downfalls of cosmetic procedures. She is  also working with a Brazilian physician to help those people who are suffering from Body Dismorphia.

She quoted “I feel like I can help a lot of people with my life story, but my face is beautiful, and now I look even more beautiful.”


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