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Who is Leena Manimekalai? Controversy, Movies, Awards & More

Leena Manimekalai

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s anticipated film Bhahmastra Trailer made headlined for visuals and hurting sentiments of many people across the nation, and both actors and filmmakers are questioning why they are offending religious sensibilities.

We can see in the trailer that Ranbir Kapoor is inside a temple and wearing a shoe that has made many people extremely upset, and now another film personality has done something that has hurt the viewers

An author, poet, filmmaker, and actor Leena Manimeakalai has hurt the Hindu sentiments and is in controversy for her latest poster and video of the upcoming documentary Kaali.

Who is Leena Manimekalai?

Leena Manimekalai is a bisexual and a social activist, director, etc. She has directed 15 films and acted in 4 films. She is very much interested in poetry, she has written more than 5 poems.

In her second self-written poetry she revealed that she is a bisexual and she is proud of it rather than ashamed.

Leena Manimekalai Movies

Leena Manimekalai has made documentaries, video poems, and feature fiction films which are very much liked by the public. Her first 20 minutes documentary named “Mathatma” was launched in 2003 and till 2021 she has made many documentary films.

Her White Vans Stories and Lost Love were very much appreciated by the audience as he is an activist so she has made movies on social issues.

Awards of Leena Manimekalai

From 2004 to 2015 she won more than 20 awards and her films are also mentioned in many national and international film festivals and awards. Some of her awards are the Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Berlinale, a silver trophy for best documentary, a one billion eye national award, and many for best script and poetry.

People Filed cases against Leena

A lawyer from Delhi on Monday filed a complaint and case against filmmaker Leena’s documentary “Kali” poster which was released on 2nd July 2022 on her Instagram account.

He that the poster is not appropriate as it is hurting many Hindu people’s sentiment and also disrespects the Hindu religion. The lawyer with the audience has appealed to arrest the director and the team.

Controversial poster?

As the documentary title name is kali so it’s easy to understand that the documentary is on Kali Ma. the poster has shown that kali ma is smoking. In the poster, we can see that kali ma is having a cigarette in her hands and is smoking.

The lawyer said the director has shown something which in my understanding is wrong and highly objectionable. I want the director to be arrested as they have made a very disrespectful poster of the goddess.

According to some sources Leena has said that he and his team is very extinct about the documentary as the was launched at the Canada film festival and hoping for a positive response and love from the public.

Popular leaders to common users raise voice against this:

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