Who is Leo Kalyan? Performed at Sonam Kapoor’s Baby Shower Event

Leo Kalyan

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and his renowned fashion entrepreneur husband Anand Ahuja, both are excited about their baby as Sonam Kapoor is pregnant and it is excepted that her baby will come in august 2022.

The couple has been sharing pictures on social media for fans and Sonam has said how much she enjoying the baby boom. Sonam Kapoor has organized a baby shower in London and has invited close friends only.

Sonam Kapoor’s Baby Shower event Highlights

The couple has kept a very customized and beautiful theme for the baby shower as there were flowers at the party, clours were pastel and cute, appetizing food, and a personalized return gift which was name neckless for everyone.

Apart from the decoration and baby shower arrangement, the other thing which was the center of attraction at the baby shower was Leo Kalyan’s performance. He performed to famous songs ‘Chura Liya hai dil ne jo tumko’ and Sonam Kapoor’s favorite ‘Masakali’ and everyone enjoyed that and Sonam Kapoor danced with him.

Who is Leo Kalyan?

Leo Kalyan is a multi-talented and famous person on social media. Leo Kalyan is an amazing singer, wonderful songwriter, model, and music producer. Leo is having a very good number of followers on Instagram.

A British Pakistani homosexual whose name is Leo Kalyan has around 89000 Instagram followers and has written he/she/they/are his preferred pronouns in his Instagram bio.


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He was invited to Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower and was wearing a black and white thin strap short dress with open hair, a locket on the neck, rings in hand, and a light beard on the face.

According to Leo, he is a queer and a person who is of all genders. He likes the pronouns he/she/they for his gender. Many people believe he serves as a role model for many LGBTQ+ people who are afraid to be themselves. He has a large following, particularly among Indian subcontinent residents.

Supporters from all over the world have flocked to him. His age is not exactly known by anyone as there is no information about him in public. But the estimated age of him that has been guessed is that he is probably in his twenties.

He is involved in and has tried a variety of musical genres. His eagerness is reflected in his lyrics and music. Leo has made all of his compositions available for listening to on Spotify. On Spotify, he has nearly 25,000 monthly audiences.

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