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Yellowstone Season 4: Trailer, Plot, when and where to watch and More


Yellowstone is an American television Drama. The famous TV Drama is created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. On Paramount Network, The first season premiered on 20 June 2018. Yellowstone has become cable TV’s number one Tv drama show.

The storyline of the Dutton family’s Montana ranch is filled with exciting characters and cliffs. John Dutton along with his children Kayce, Beth, and Jamie, does whatever it takes to protect his ranch and fortune from the problems and issues. Season 3 came which ended with a bomb and gunfire, leaving viewers wondering about what will happen next? Who will survive from the family and who will not?

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Trailer of Yellowstone Season 4

The trailer of the Tv drama series Yellowstone for season 4 is being uploaded by the makers, but it’s very dizzy. It’s not very much clear and explained what happened to John, Beth, and Kayce. But the trailer is totally ravishing and spine-chilling. All are waiting to see what will happen to Dutton’s family?

When to watch Yellowstone season 4?

Well, no need to worry because there will be a season 4 for Yellowstone. Filming for season 4 was delayed by a few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic  situation worldwide but now it’s official that season 4 is on the way. Paramount Network and entertainment uploaded a video on 19 august 2021 on their Instagram confirming that the show will return on 7 November, 2021. Because of the deadline  two all-new episodes will air that day.

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Where to watch season 4?

If you are a fan of the Yellowstone series and waiting eagerly for season 4 to release, but don’t know where to watch it ? well you can watch it on Netflix or Hulu.

And if you are planning to watch the rest three seasons first, that is available on peacock entertainment.

Yellowstone Season 4 Star Cast

Kevin Costner as John Dutton is playing a lead role of a sixth-generation father of the Dutton family who manages the Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch, takes care of it, and protects it.

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Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, is portraying the role of a former U.S navy seal and John and Evelyn’s youngest son.

Kelly Rielly as Beth Dutton is playing a role of a financier and John and Evelyn’s daughter. She is well educated, highly intelligent, manipulates at her best but she is loyal to her father.

Wes Bently as Jamie Dutton is in a role of an attorney, aspiring politician, and one of John and Evelyn’s sons.

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