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Agnipath Recruitment 2022: How & When to Apply Online, Check criteria, qualification & More

Agnipath Recruitment: How to Apply?

The Indian Air Force has released information about its new recruitment plan, dubbed ‘Agnipath,’ which has led to protests across the country. The Air Force’s descriptive guide lays out the different aspects of the scheme, which include the qualification criteria, the application form, and advantages.

Agnipath is an innovative Armed Forces recruitment scheme. Candidates acknowledged through this scheme will be referred to as Agniveers. Once selected in the Indian Air Force, all the Agniveers are then governed for four years by the Air Force Act 1950.

Efforts and Steps will be taken to recruit Agniveers from across the nation by utilizing cutting-edge technology (online STAR exam and associated testing methods), specialized rallies, and campus interviews at recognized technical institutes such as Industrial Training Institutes, NSQF, and others. Agniveers would be a separate rank in the IAF, distinct from any other already existing rank.

When & How to Apply Online for Agneepath Recruitment 2022?

The notifications about the registrations and the recruiting process information will start onwards from the 24th June. According to the Lt Gen Bansi Ponappa the first-ever entry really recruitment of the Agneepath scheme will start in the first half of August 2022 (tentative).

The first phase examination will star from 24th July, and the training will start this December, as cabinet minister  Smriti Iarani shares a video on social media.

A few steps are mentioned in the pdf and the registration is in online mode. The Indian air force has posted everything on their official website.

Who can apply Agnipath/Agneepath Scheme by Indian Gov.?

The scheme is for all both men and women and the age limit is the same for both. Recently the age limit has been changed from 21 to 23 years. This means that the age of the candidate for both women and men should be between 17.5 and 23.

The candidate who will be selected as an Agniveers is going to serve the nation for 4 years and after that, he can serve the nation voluntarily.

“Based on merit and organizational requirements, up to 25% of that batch will be picked,” Lt Gen Puri added. “We will give the individual the chance to serve the country as Agniveers for both short and long periods of time.” “We are providing youth with opportunities for both long and short-term military service,” he added.

Eligibility Criteria?

There will be particular rallies and campus personal interviews for the candidates which will be held in different various colleges like industrial training a national skills qualifications framework and several others like these.

The registration can be done on an ‘ All India All class’ basis. There are educational criteria for the angniveers such as the minimum educational requirement for becoming a general duty(GD) soldier is 10th class. There are three services and the registration for them will be online through the online system.

The candidate should also have to be medically fit and fulfill the medical requirements that have been decided by the military. The criteria can be different for the different categories and trades.

What are the terms of service?

When the individual will serve the nation for 4 years25 % of them will be promoted to the regular cadre on the basis of their medical and merit. They will then serve another 15-year term.

Whereas the leftover 75% of Agniveers will be demobilized, individuals will be given a discharge package worth Rs 11-12 lakh, partly funded by their monthly contributions, along with skill certificates and bank loans to support them in their second careers.

What is the salary package?

The starting salary for the first year is Rs 4.76 lakh, increasing to Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth year. Following its release, the Seva Nidhi package will cost around Rs 11.71 lakh, which includes interest (tax-free) also there is non-contributory insurance that covers Rs 48 lakh. Individuals receiving an Agniveer skill certificate will be able to find post-release work opportunities.

Why the protests?

Protesters claim that the scheme provides no job security and that Agniveers would not be able to qualify for pension benefits. They want the “contractualization” of employment in the Indian Army to be reversed. The applicants claim that their efforts to join the army will be futile because they can only serve for four years. The potential candidates claim, along with other things, that they will be unemployed after four years.

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