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Amravati Murder Case: Who was first victim over Nupur Sharma Support?

Amravati Murder

In the Maharashtra city of Amravati, a chemist was stabbed to death. Police believe that he was murdered because he shared a social media post purportedly endorsing the now-suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nupur Sharma, whose comments about the Prophet Mohammad sparked widespread outrage and international condemnation.

The victim has been identified as Umesh Kolhe. He was a 54 years old chemist.

The incident happened on June 21, one week before the incident in Udaipur on June 28 when two men killed a tailor named Kanhaiya Lal Teli for the same reason.

The crime is being looked into by the Amravati police, but the National Investigation Agency has been tasked by the government to take over.

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs announced in Delhi that the killing’s scheme, involvement of organisations, and international ties would be extensively investigated.
  • PTI reported, the federal investigation agency would conduct a thorough investigation into the murderous plot, including the involvement of organisations and any connections to other countries.

What happened at the crime scene?

After shutting his store on June 21, around 10.30 p.m, Kolhe was riding home on a two-wheeler when he was stopped by two men riding motorcycles.

A young person got off the motorcycle and used a sharp object to stab Kolhe in the neck. Kolhe later died from wounds.

Without stealing any of his possessions or even his phone, the attackers ran off. As per Kolhe’s  brother’s statement, Umesh was carrying two bags with him that night but the culprits did not touch any.

Police investigation in murder case:

According to Amravati commissioner of police Dr. Aarti Singh, five people have been detained in relation to the murder of the chemist, and a search is ongoing to find the primary suspect, Irfan Khan (32), who is responsible for an NGO.

The knife that was used in the crime has been confiscated by the police, and they have CCTV evidence that shows what happened.

Kolhe published a post in support of Nupur Sharma on WhatsApp groups, according to a city Kotwali police official. Kolhe’s family claims to have seen a social media post from him supporting Nupur and denouncing love jihad.

Umesh Murder in News after Udaipur’s Kanhaiya Lal:

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