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Is Ashneer Grover singing Kirtan in Vrindavan? Ashneer reacts on viral video

Ashneer Grover's Kirtan Video

These days anything can go viral and the same thing happened with Shark Tank Judge and former Bharat Pay co-founder, Ashneer Grover. A video is flooding the Internet in which a man is doing kirtan at ISKCON in Vrindavan, and he has an uncanny resemblance to Ashneer Grover.

What is in the Viral Video?

An Instagram user named Kartik Tyagi shared a video on his Instagram and till now the video has more than 6 lakh views and has around 2.4 lakh likes so far. In the video there is a man who looks exactly like Ashneer Grover is devoted to bhajan and enjoys them by Clapping and Dancing during a kirtan gathering at a ISKCON temple in Vrindavan. And Kartik added the caption “@asheer.grover nice seeing you with laughing emojis.”

Ashneer Grover’s reaction

Finally Ashneer Grover reacted to this viral video and he gave a very funny and witty answer. Ashneer commented on the video uploaded by Kartik Tyagi in which he wrote “Chalo acha hai-yeh kaam bhi outsource ho gaya 😉 I share my doppelganger’s level of devotion in business though.” and people seem to like Ashneer’s comment and it has more than 1700 likes so far.

Now Ashneer himself share this viral video on social media:

Netizens comments on the Viral video

Netizens can’t resist themselves from commenting in this video. A user wrote “just for a sec I thought meje mere idol dikh gaye.” Another user commented “Him praying for his new startup.” Someone wrote “next time aaye inform me beforehand. I really want to be called douglii by him.”

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