Make India No. 1 Mission: 5 Things that Delhi CM Kejriwal includes, urges BJP-Congress to join

Make India No. 1

Delhi’s Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener, on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, launched a national mission called “Make India No. 1”  at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium to make country Number 1 in some crucial aspects.

His announcement during an address came ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In the address that they (AAP) are starting the national mission that every citizen of  the country among 130 cr. population should connect with.

Addressing the gathering in Delhi, Kejriwal said that India has achieved a lot since it got independence, but there is a question as to why small nations who attained freedom after India have surpassed us.  He further gave the example of countries such as Singapore, which got freedom 15 years after that of India, and Germany and Japan, who got destroyed due to World War II.

During this address, he talked about 5 points India needs to focus on making itself the No. 1 country. Here are these 5 points Delhi CM underlined in his speech:

1- Free and Quality Education for All

The first point he mentioned was the free and quality education for the children of the country. He said that we have to arrange good and free education for 27 crore children. In his address he stated that we cannot say that schools cannot be opened in mountains or tribal areas. No matter how much it will take, we have to do this.

2- Better Healthcare System

The second aspect, he said we need to work on is good and free treatment. He said that every citizen of this country should get good and free treatment for healthcare purposes and we should start this work on a war footing basis. He also said that he is ready to work with the central government if wish to improve the healthcare as well as education facilities in the country.

3- Employment for Youth

Another aspect he underlined is employment for the country’s youth. He said that the youth power is the biggest strength of the country, but today they are roaming for employment. So arranging employment for each and every youth is also one of the important objectives.

4- Equal Rights to Women

The development of the country depends on how it treats its women and it is the reason why equal rights and respect should be a priority of every government. Kejriwal also included this aspect in his speech and said that every woman should get respect, the right to safety and equality.

5- Agriculture

Agriculture plays a key role in our country’s development and that’s why the farmers and their needs should also be important factors of the country. During his address, Kejriwal said that a farmer’s son doesn’t want to become a farmer. So, Such as system will have to be made so that farmers could get a fair price for the crop, so that the son of a farmer could feel proud that he is a proud farmer.

Urges BJP-Congress to Come Together

Not only that, he also underlined that the mission should be a bipartisan movement and BJP-Congress and all political parties should join hands to make it possible and to make India No. 1. He also said that he will travel across the country as part of this mission to encourage people to join the initiative and achieve its objectives.

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party President Arvind Kejriwal announced ‘Make India Number One’ mission by focusing on  5 major aspects such as Education, Health, Employment, Women Rights and Agriculture.

Advised the Central Government to Use Delhi government’s expertise

CM Kejriwal also advised the central Government to use the Delhi Government’s expertise to improve the condition of the healthcare system and education system across India. He also requested the Union Government to not call people freebies who benefit from free healthcare and education facilities.

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