Morbi Bridge Collapse: Video from CCTV Footage is Horrifying, Who is Responsible?

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Morbi Bridge Collapse Images

The horrific bridge collapse incident that happened in the Morbi district of Gujarat has stunned the entire country. The incident led to the deaths of more than 100 people, and many people are still missing.

At the time of the incident, over 500 people were crossing the bridge, of which around 141 people have been reported dead . Multiple teams of NDRF, SDRF, Indian Army, and Coast Guard have been deployed for the rescue operation.

What Happened Exactly?

The century-old, British Era bridge, which was around 756 metres in length, was opened for the public on October 26, after undergoing a six-month long renovation.

This unfortunate incident took place on Saturday, October 30, at 06:40 pm when around 400 to 500 people, more than three times its capacity, were walking on the bridge. Suddenly, the bridge collapsed, and people fell into the Machchuu river.

Around 210 people are reported to have fallen into the river. The horrific and heartbreaking CCTV footage shows the images of people falling into the river. We can see people holding onto the cables of the collapsed bridge and trying to reach the bank of the river in darkness. Most of the people there were assembled for the Chhath Puja celebration.

Who is responsible?

After this heartbreaking incident took place and the visuals of the collapsed bridge started circulating on social media, the opposition started targeting the ruling BJP government of the state of the incident and calling it a “man-made tragedy.”

Here are the tweets of political leaders on this incident.

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel cancelled all his scheduled events for Sunday and reached the collapsed bridge sites as well as the hospitals where injured and rescued people are admitted.

PM Modi, who is touring his home state of Gujarat, also reacted to this incident. He announced compensation for those killed and injured in the accident. During a public gathering in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat, the PM said that he never feels such pain and even though he is in Ekta Nagar, his mind is with the victims of Morbi.

Home Minister Amit Shah’s reaction on the tragedy.

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