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Nupur Sharma Controversy: Famous Muslim Journalist comes in support in this case

Nupur Sharma Controversy

BJP’s national spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s heated argument on a news channel made Arab Countries upset and now they want an apology from the entire nation which divides the nation in two parts.

One side BJP supporters claim these kind of statements over Hindu Gods are common, why action is not the same in such cases, another side people have brutally slammed the party, suspended the two leaders after the pressure was being built from external powers.

Over this issue, in a single day the Indian envoys in the Gulf region were summoned by their host countries and it started with Qatar seeking a public apology from the Indian government over the controversial remark against Prophet Muhammad passed by its two prominent leaders.

Not only the governments but the people of the Gulf regions are also showing their outrage over the remark. Ever issue this matter became international, #BoycottIndianProducts is one of the top trends on twitter in the Gulf regions.

The pictures of supermarkets in Kuwait pulling Indian products out of their shelves have also been making rounds on social media which is not a good sign for India’s soft power, which we were witnessing increase in recent times. Our relationships with Arab nations were also touching new levels but these kinds of incidents are only going to damage India’s image in the International market and it will have a direct impact on our economy.

Well, amid the backlash India and its products are facing in Arab markets, the tweet of ABP News Network’s popular Muslim journalist Rubika Liyaquat is also making headlines.

In her tweet she has stated that it is surprising to see that some people from our own country consider the ban on Indian products in Arab countries as their victory. Indeed the remarks against the Holy Prophet are not acceptable but why the same sentiments are not applicable to the Hindu gods. Further she added that if we give respect only then we will get it too.

Following being summoned by the host countries here are the statements issued by India’s embassies in these countries:

The official Twitter handle of the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs of India, Arindam Bagchi also issue a statement in response to the statements of the Pakistani PM and its Ministry of Foreign Affair, in which India slammed Pakistan and said that it should focus on the systematic persecution of minorities in its own country.

Here is India’s strong message to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), over biased stance against India:

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